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Poems... Please read and comment...

I have a poem here which i wrote on poverty. It doesnt really have much do to with how i am feeling, but its important. My teacher liked it, and i hope you do too!

Humans walking
humans talking
Standing thier alone
nothing but bone

No teachers teaching
a stomache rumbling
The first few signs
that the end is soon coming

Beds lying in a battered shelter
with no cooling
What a melter

Winters here
it's time to fear
Trembling limbs
freezing wet cold winds

Sweaty bodies and smelly clothes
when will the next shower come
No one knows

The search for food never ends
nor does the persistence to fend

Yet millions of lives are once again destroyed
this was at one point
What they were trying to avoid

I also did i poster on this website called glogster that we use at school, and i got the best glog. I was pretty proud at myself for once, but that was also because my teacher was proud of me. You see i look for my approval from other instead of myself.
Anyway hope you liked it, please comment.
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I thought this peom was great. Nice writing
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