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If you played the lottery and won.......

1 Million Dollars, what would you do with it?
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  Pay off all my medical bills...fix up the house and sell it and move to a better area.....and pay off my DD's college loans.

Then donate some for research..... : )  or to help others.
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i would try to invest it in probably real estate even though the economy stinks :)
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sell this house move to a great state ..fly to Paris, fly the family to Paris  eat some great food , drink some great wine but some new clothes ...
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um.. i really don't know.. maybe my cat and i would get out of this apartment and get our very own house in a nice neighborhood.. maybe i could hire a nurse to help me since around here that would really help.. and just maybe i could get a driver to take me places.. do you know how awesome that would be to get out and go places.. yahoo!
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  First a cruiser ship/boat to see every lighthouse on American coastline. Fine dining all the way of course. Then I would set my son Michael up with his own business & buy us all houses & cars. Then give the rest to charity, the S.P.C.A. Yeah!
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Hi, I would buy a house for my kids and a place for my animals to live.( a block) I would love to have a pet shop so I would definately do that and a holiday with my hubby YAY
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Being a little Capitalist I would buy a Ferrari and a corporate jet ..
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Put it in the bank and forget about it till I'm old and want to use it to enjoy my last years in luxury! - Blu
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well thats a good idea but me I like to live dangerously ,....hahh I would help a few folks probably kids doing more mentoring
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Maybe have a full time house keeper again I dont like cleaning ..maybe a new husband if mine doesnt shape up ...
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