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12 y/o son does stupid things.... help!

Hi- my son is 12 almost 13, recently he has been getting in trouble, not at school but at home, he hordes food trash in his room and hides it so We don’t find (when a trash can is like right there) recently we found a bottle full of pee in his room, and he lied about it and then after asking a few times told us it was per, but can never give us an explanation as to why he does this stuff. Idk if it’s school friends influencing him or just adhd and doesn’t really comprehend stuff like we do? But, he’s a smart kid, he knows right from wrong but yet he still does this stuff and doesn’t learn. I just am at loss for what else to do to get him to actually think before he does stuff.
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Actually what he is doing is not that unusual for an adhd kid.   Kids with adhd can hyperfocus (especially if playing video games).  Once they are in this stated...things like going to the bathroom just don't register till its too late.  And, of course, being impulsive is highly typical of adhd kids.  They don't think before doing stuff...as many emergency room doctors can tell you.  What can you do about this?  Medication will help the impulsiveness.   Many parents of smart kids feel that medication is not necessary because the child is doing ok in school...but that is just a small part of the whole adhd thing.   Probably the most important thing is to realize what or how adhd is effecting him and then plan appropriate action based on that.   There is an excellent site that can answer a lot of your questions.  I am giving you a link to one part about teenage boys with adhd...but it has many, many places for you to go and get information.  The site is https://www.additudemag.com/inside-the-mind-teen-with-adhd/ .    If you have more questions feel free to post again.  Best wishes and good luck!
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