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5-year old with ADHD and PAC's cannot take stimulant meds.

My child has tried stimulant medicines for her ADHD and cannot use them due to her PACs.  Her pediatric endocrinologist says that there is only one nonstimulant medicine called clonidine that she can take.  I asked about Strattera and other "nonstimulants" and the doctor said that those were considered stimulant medicines.  I am very confused as the clonidine does not seem to be helping very much with the ADHD so I need some more advice here.  I want to try other nonstimulant medicines but have been told there are none.  
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Hello, for some reason I did not receive a notification that your question was in my forum. Very sorry to have missed it!

I would recommend you seek a second opinion to determine what options you have. Your best bet may be a pediatric psychiatrist who works at a major pediatric medical center. People in large pediatric centers tend to see more complicated children on a routine basis. If you live near a large city, you should be able to find a place where children with complicated conditions go to receive treatment. There are psychiatrists who specialize in treating children who have mental health conditions as well as physical conditions (many children who have illnesses or injuries also need psychiatric care). Children with medical problems can be more vulnerable to mental health and learning problems, and this population needs special expertise.

I would recommend finding a pediatric psychiatrist who works in a health setting who has expertise in working with physicians as a team. Endocrinologists are not necessarily the best source of information when the problem is needing to treat mental health conditions. If all stimulants are contraindicated, your child's treatment team can get creative. Some children receive benefit from other psychotropic medications. You will need both the psychiatrist and the endocrinologist to make sure they would be safe for your little one.

If your daughter is suffering, waiting till she is an adult to seek treatment is ill advised (as the previous poster suggests). You would not ignore a medical condition, so why would you fail to access treatments that could make her life better? Though medication is the most effective way to manage symptoms of ADHD, psychological treatments are effective and do not include side effects to worry about. If you can find a psychologist who specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Parent Guidance, that person should be able to help your daughter manage her symptoms. If you can find a psychologist who also has experience working with children who have chronic illnesses (a specialty called Pediatric Psychology) that would be ideal. If you can not find a psychotropic medication that she can take, I would recommend you pursue psychotherapy. As I noted before, children with chronic illnesses are at higher risk for mental health problems such as anxiety, depression or trouble coping with treatments.

Best Wishes
Disclaimer: This post was written for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace face to face medical or psychological care. This post is not intended to create a patient-psychologist relationship, nor to give or rule out diagnoses.  
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Medication is very accepted in America
I work in Europe with a school of 1500 kids, 2 are on medication.  There is debate even with these two if it is the right approach, there are other things you can do.  In my eyes she is a baby.  I got my severe ADHD son to 19 without medication, he was off the scale, clinically aggressive etc, motor impaired.

learning by consequences and consistency, he has done well, it was hard.  He is a very relaxed young man, very nice guy. Easy going and happy finding his way in life.

I would wait until she is an adult and then she can decide.
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