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ADHD (Compulsive Thoughts)

Hello, I suffer from anxiety and OCD and likely have ADHD. I believe I have ADHD as years ago when I was in primary school the teaches told my parents that I should go on medication to focus due to my disruptions in class and I was placed in a "special" class for a number of years.

My parents refused to put me on medication. I simply came accostomed to my way of thinking. Over the years I suffered from restless energy and did not focus very well. Now at 33 I suffered bouts of compusive behavior such as excessive gambling (everyday for years), smoking ciggareetes, poor eating habits (sometimes I forget to eat), over working at my job, (I would work-after hours and became obseesed with my work) and having impulse control issues where if I want something I need it now.

My OCD is a wierd one I have a fear of contracting HIV which turns my life up-side down. I do not put myself in any real risk as I am in a relationship but incidents such as a dentist visit where I was convinced the tools were not sterilized put my life and thoughts in a downward spiral. I got 8 HIV tests and was convinced I was infected. So for the 3 months were testing occured I was truly a walking zombie. I also used Valium to calm down. (I dont use any recreational drugs or any other medication)

The last incident involved acupunture where the thoughts came back and I went to an STD/HIV clinic to discuss the risk and then when I shook one of the staffs hands I was then convinced then that now I got it from him as he did not look healthy and I had a day old cut on my hand. I beat myslef up over the acupunture issue as I felt that was nothing to worry and why did I go to the clinic and shake hands with this person. Now when I use public restrooms the thoughts arise as well convinced now through these incidents I have been infected.

My rational mind knows that I am at no risk but I simply sometimes cannot control my thoughts,. These thoughts go away for a long periods of time. There were years between the dentist incident and the latest one so I thought I was fine with regards to my thoughts. Luckily with regards to gambling I did not lose any money (one of the lucky few) but my impulsive behavior and OCD thoughts need to be addressed as I worry when I get over this the next time I touch someone or encounter what I think is blood on money, etc I fear it will start over again. Any thoughts?

I plan on seeing a GP for possible ritalin for ADHD and hope that it will allow my to focus and control these re-occuring thoughts. With with these setbacks I have luckily Forest Gumped my way in life getting a degree and great job and relationship but I feel these thoughts and impulse behavior has a major effect on my productivity and my relationships. Your feedback will be most welcome.
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Your Parents did well in not getting you on the powerful drugs they use and agin I am amazed at schools diagnosing and reccomending the use of Drugs! Again your Parents must have had the same thoughts. I think before you take anything like Ritalin you could put in the search Engine for any Natural Remedys to try, I appreciate that you have some Fears and thoughts and it concerns you there is other kind of help out there have you had any Therapy, you also say there were Years in between so you are not OCD all the time,thats a good thing to work on.
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My son has some similar problems.  He was at one time on Adderal and this made many of the symptoms worse.  He is now on Strattera and not only does it work reasonably well for the ADD, but seems to work wonders on OCD and tics.
Best of luck to you.
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I wanted to share something I have recently read in a good paper,a recent study has suggested," Food Supplement treatment of ADHD may be of equal efficacy to Ritalin treatment" All Children and especially those with Learning difficultys, benefit from a Multiple Vitamin-mineral supplement with antioxidants,BComplex and vitaminC.Two years ago the US Food and Drug Administration called for a stronger warning on labels for stimulant Drugs used foe used to treat common types of Attention Deficit disorder --Adderall and Dexedrineas well as methylphenidates ,such as Concerta and Ritalin.Try the Natural way.
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