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ADHD Diagnosis

My 6 Year old son has been diagnosed by a therapist and a psychologist both saying he has ADHD  he was on medication for about a year and I hated him being on the pills they caused him to have tourette's syndrome and then they had to put him on another medication to control the tics that the first medication was causeing, not to mention the fact that he quit eating it seemed like he  was living on air the entire time he was on the medication. I am totally aginst putting back on the medication everyone else seems to think he needs it but all the Dr.'s are going on are seeing him for 30 mins no testing was done and I talk to his teacher on a regular basis and she ensures me that he is a good typical 5 year old in class, but when he gets home he is completely out of control he hits his syblings and he father and I he threaten harm on hiself and others and also cusses like crazy every word not every other word but if his father and were not around he acts fine with his grandparents and others so I guess i was hoping I could get some insite as to why he is like this with us at home, And if there is anything other than medication to treat his problem anything I can do any diets or other non invasive tests to help him without all the harmful medications. I can't out him back on them
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They started him on Ritalin over a year ago, He didnt do well with that his heart started to race and he acted funny so I called the Dr. and took him off of it imediatly  then they put him on adderal and he didnt have the problems with his heart but after about 3 or 4 months he started developing tics and so he was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome and  then given Chlonidine and when given the Chlonidine  he slept all day and night of course again the Dr. says oh thats normal he needs to get used to it but I couldnt let him take it anymore so I  only gave it to him at bedtime and the Dr. had a fit and said he needed it during the day but I did not give it to him I feel the meds are to dangerous for children and so I found another Dr.  I took him off all his meds and for 3 weeks he has been a crazy and out of control so the new Dr. wants to put him back on the meds I am totally against it and I am alone in this everyone else wants him on them... I guess I was hoping someone could offer me some suggestions on another method  I was thinking Chiropractic care or seeing a natualist.. for the DNA profile and vitamins and things..
               Please any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!
                                       Thank You
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