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Wondering what experience people have had with the different medications for ADHD. My son will be turning 7 soon, and some days I don't think he needs medication and other days I feel like it might be helpful if he were on something. However, I've been reading about the different kinds and their side effects, and now I'm terrified to put him on something.
I'm also interested in hearing if people have tried any herbal supplements, or CBD oil.
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Hi, I am sorry I took so long to answer such an important question.  We are on vacation in the High Sierras and computer time is tough.  I have a ton of resources that can help you.  But, I need a bit more info to narrow things down.
  What kind of a doctor diagnosed your son?  Were his teachers questioned?
  You said, "some days I don't think he needs medication and other days I feel like it might be helpful if he were on something. "   Many times kids will do much better at home then at school.
   So what do his teachers think about how he is doing?

As I said, I have a lot of resources to share.  Here are two that you might find helpful.

  This is kind of general, but a good overall look.

I hope this helps you deal with a serious and complicated question.  Keep in touch.  Best wishes.  
Thanks, I'll check out those links.

He was diagnosed by a psychologist, and we had to have the teacher fill out a questionnaire as well as my husband and I. So far his behaviour in class seems to be doing pretty well, but he's having a bit of a tough time focusing. His behaviour at daycare is up and down. Some days he's fine, other days he won't listen to the teachers and will be just saying no to them when they are asking him to do something.

At home, he definitely has a difficult time with homework (thank goodness this year he rarely brings work home). I usually tell him what homework he has and ask him what his plan is for getting the homework done. He's been good in that if he says he's going to do it after dinner, he will get it all ready after dinner, but then he spends a lot of time whining about the homework, saying he doesn't know what to do, playing around with various items. The time he spends goofing around, he could have already had the homework done by. And I know he knows how to do the work, because once he kind of realizes that he has to do it no matter how much he whines, he gets it all done with no help.

We also have issues at home some days with no listening, and him doing things he knows are wrong, but it's like he's mad about something so he's just being a jerk (I really do love him), like hitting something out of your hand on purpose- reminds me of attention seeking.

I would like to try the medication to see if it helps, because we just want him to be happy and successful, but the side effects really worry me.
The first link I sent you does deal with side effects and how to deal with them. My experiences have been that bad side effects are due to lack of communication more then anything else.   Go low and go slow is the key.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Your concerns are valid and also common, so I have lots of info for all of them.  Best wishes
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You also might find this helpful.
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This is on helpful foods.  Its worth reading.  I think you will find it helpful!
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