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Adderall and strattera

I've been prescribed adderall for the past 4 years, I currently take 75mg per day. A couple months ago my Dr. started me on strattera in conjunction with my adderall. I have not noticed any improvement in my ability to concentrate or remain organized since starting the strattera, however my anxiety is gone and I am finally happy.
A couple weeks ago my Dr. left and I was given a "temp" to take her place. Today I had an appt to get my prescriptions and my "temp" said that he couldn't justify writing me a scrip for both my adderall and the strattera. I told him how for the first time in as long as I can remember I feel like a normal person.
I've been on every antidepresant under the sun and have HATED every one. Strattera does the job without any noticeable negative effect but because it isn't the "norm" I can't use it for.that reason.  
Needless to say I am sitting here close to crying because I don't want to go back to feeling weird and akward again.  I enjoy being around other people and don't want to give that up either.
Has anyone else had this reaction with strattera?  
Are there any Dr's out there who could tell me why mine would refuse to prescribe me?
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Myself I have been on Adderall for literally over a decade. Just recently my doctor also gave me strattera as well. For me,the Adderall works literal wonders for my ADHD. The straterra has completely taken away my cravings for alcohol as I'm an alcoholic. I too have noticed that the strattera has completely stopped my anxiety as well. Like u, I actually feel normal for the first time in I cnt remember how long. The Adderall/strattera combo works rly well for my alcoholism, anxiety,& ADHD.
That's great!  It's amazing when you find the best mix of medications.  Why did they add a medication on if I may ask?
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