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Adult AD(H)D and Anxiety

Does anyone here any experience with taking Vyvanse for AD(H)D and Xanax for anxiety?

I experience anxiety pretty much daily and my psych doc seems to think it's because the symptoms of my ADHD make me feel anxious and depressed.

I am wondering if this is true or common for someone with adult ADHD, or is it just a symptom of the current stress in my life?

Thanks in advance!
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    According to "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley (p. 53), anxiety is a coexisting disorder in 25 to 30% of the people with ADHD.  I personally suspect it is even higher.  Oh, and depression runs 10 to 30%.
   Its that the ADHD magnifies the stress in your life which leads to depression since you have trouble handling it.
   So yes, I agree with  your doc.   The meds will help.  But, the more you learn about adhd and how to deal with it, the better you will be.  In short, don't count on the meds to do it all for you.  They can be a big help until you learn better ways to deal with the ADHD.  I do have lots of links to sites that can help with this if you are interested.
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I'm literally dealing with the exact same issues as you. I've been on stimulants for ADHD for atleast four years now and finally found the right type and dose for me which is 30mg of vyvanse once every morning. I've dealt with anxiety and insomia throughout my life too and I was worried if I told the dr about the anxiety problems he'd just say it's because I'm on a stimulant. But after many apts and seeing him for years now he totally understood and said it had nothing to do with the stimulant. He said I have a situational anxiety disorder and stress related insomnia. At first I was taking .5 mg of xan throughout he day or evening when needed up to two a day. After a period of time the xan no longer helped with my anxiety at all! And the fact of just knowing my anxiety was going to flare up at any point and my anti anxiety meds weren't gna help gave me even worse anxiety! He finally switch me to Valium five mg twice a day as needed and ambien for an as needed basis too and honestly I haven't felt this good and solid n years. I no longer go through the day worrying and stressing about having a freak out episode at work or not being able to sleep at night. And my dr sd it's a very common thing for someone with ADHD or add to have these issues with stress so it's no big deal just do whatever works for you and of course that is dr approved lol
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        Thank you for sharing.  I am glad your doctor realized that anxiety is a very common co-disorder with ADHD (usually caused by the ADHD).  I do hope that you also learn coping mechanisms for the anxiety - if the ADHD is now under control, you should find it much easier to do so (won't happen over night though).   Hopefully, with your ADHD under a certain degree of control, many of the situations that have caused you anxiety will lessen.
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