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I have ADD inattentive, clinical depression, GAD and Social Anxiety. I have tried Prozac, effexor, zoloft, and wellbutrin that I recall. I have not had much luck with any of them. I have tried vyvanse for my ADD and I would hyperfocus on it and when it wore off late afternoon to early evening I would get super depressed. It helped my Social Anxiety ironically. I also tried Strattera for a week but due to my wariness with antidepressants didn't give it a chance. I was thinking about trying wellbutrin or strattera again...Thoughts? Suggestions?
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   Depression and anxiety are very common co-disorders of AD/HD - especially if it is untreated.  I am not surprised that V helped your social anxiety.
   Don't mix Paxil or Prozac with  AMP meds (stim meds like Vyvannse) as they both interact significantly with the medication by plugging the 2D6 pipeline.  This will lead to problems down the line.  Don't know if you were on Prozac when trying the V, but that would lead to problems.
   Typically for ADD, doctors will try a methylphenidate (like Ritalin or Concerta) first.   They are not as strong as V.  V is a great med, but it is stronger.  It can be reduced, buy I would try a low dose of a methylphenidate and slowly work up before trying Strattera.
    Wellbutrin or Cymbalta show moderate inhibitionof the 2D6 pipeline and probably should be avoided if also taking stim meds.  Zoloft, Lexapro, and Celexa have minimal interaction with the 2D6 pipeline and should be ok.
    The other thing that you might want to try is Intuniv.
    Hope this helps.  Let me know how it goes.
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I have bin diagnosed with comorbid ADHD anxiety and depression,when I was 13 although I didn't seek treatment until 4 years ago and was taking risperdal and Ritalin it worked fine, my problem is my new Dr doesn't seem to believe in ADHD. And will only treat my anxiety and depression, what should I do?
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   I answered your first post.
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After years off being miserable diagnosed as anxiety and depression and after watching pbs on Add with graduating a year early I always could learn something quickly then got bored with it. After years of therapy and learnt behavior doing anything to fit in as I was a foster child. I no longer have the obsession compulsion to destroy myself even if it helps others after ten years riding the paxil train which leads to just plain giving up getting fat and impotence. Years of struggling with addictions due to the home I grew up in and need for validation. I finally rid myself of paxil to try Lexa pro which was like holding the gas peddle down and during a winter storm and a neighbor with a loud radio and next to a truck depot for salt and sand well I was in a remote sleep having 4 dreams at once. But still survierving and on slaught of just burying my 19 year old son, loosing my pain medication for refuse to go to therapy I was doing it the old school pay with penance. And it helps if you had 12 years of foster care like being a prisoner of war so said the therapist and actually been in the military my training automatically kicks in. I sent a complaint letter to my Dr's office citing we had no problems till a NON step in and her touching and hugging behavior kicked in of course they sent my complaint letter to a shrink who stated I was social path and my wife was a victim. Lol she Russian Irish and Portuguese. So the weight on chest of guilt from my son's death since I bought him the car was obviously crushing. So off the pain medication and 5 he Lexa pro then off the paxil which will make you want to cut your wrist. Then this winter I was ready it's terrifying when your physical ability has declined and your the victim of a bully with a radio who if punch you go to jail Obviously using my training for decommissioning a highly trained combat soldier and survivor of emotional and physical abuse. In the warmer months I walked down from 300 lbs from ridden my self from ridiculous amounts of time pain medicine this subsequently started 6 years ago as I saw it come the opioid crisis I knew it was to end and I always weaned myself off of once a year. So too welbutrin which work great as I added a stress release technique ten push up with anxiety I push for the welbutrin I saw PBS special about a comedian with ADD and said that's me with the help of the therapist she recommended it cause it did have ADD medication it worked great I do not read effects you believe in what you read but it clear to see weight gain insomnia and chest pain. Already suffering a heart attack due to high triglycerides.  So on to stattera so far so good. We have to remember this Living in box and working behind a desk experience is new and medication isn't a long term answer being the foster child of alcoholic police officer and learning a 12 step program will get you so far the reality that some higher power drilled into our subconscious exist. Or you suffer from a disease well you probably do just remember that disease that subconscious is ten smarter than you. Sedentary life style get exercise bike. Do push ups ten at time walk around the corner get a twelve step book what ever your problem take out the word alcohol and put your problem there get a daily reflections book read it when you can tolerate it. But most importantly remember who or what created us love's us good and bad.  Unless you done something with malicious intentions.  Your are for given cause they love us good and bad kind a like your parents they have to love you. I'm still working on it that wonderful masterpiece that is me until I've perished I will go own. Niche said it best "only the dead know the end of war" and after that the truth social paths the ones who seem impervious like my NPN and The Dr. Who covered her own as or the family member the threw you under the bus my they live a long and healthy life sooner or later we all have to pay the toll and the best advice I could give you is change your diet no proteins after 3rd eat as 8th you lived in the time of christ turkey and taboli,whole grains and not the big thick bread the round whole grain thin. Eat every 3 hours smaller portions 8 11 3 6 and no corn syrup.
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   Interesting story.  Sounds like things are beginning to work for you?  I also saw that special.  It was well done.
   If you would like more info on ADD, you might like this site.
   Best wishes.
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