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Alternative supplements for learning disabilities


I'd like to hear people's results using natural products, such as: vitamins, minerals, fish oil, flax seeds, lecithin, etc.

Or other things like: nootropics (Piracetam, etc.), Focus Factor, etc.

Searching vitamin websites, I have seen many reviews for products helpful to cognitive and ADD/ADHD issues.

I'm looking for what can really, really help memory, attention, and thinking.

Please share your experiences.

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Other supplements I've heard used:
Ginger Root
LCP's -- DHA and AA
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as far as I've tried; ginger root doesn't help. I used to drink ginger tea every day with root bits in it. Haven't tried any of the other things listed.
negative results are good results too...
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Attend is an all natural adhd product. I know people who used it and had great results.
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Dr. Melanie Bee has a webpage on treating ADHD/ADD.  One of the things she discusses is chiropractic adjustments.  They GREATLY help the nervous system so messages get through correctly, and there is less fidgeting.  This sounds very good to me.

I also came across another website that says: "Using emotional release techniques, I have recovered from the pattern of behaviors called Attention Deficit Disorder."  This person says that their ADD was due to child abuse issues that needed healing.  This could apply to me, very much so.  It's not just physical abuse that's an abuse issue, but also verbal, and especially emotional/mental.

Harry Hong has an interesting webpage on naturally treating ADHD/ADD.
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