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Can you be prescribed Adderall and vyvanse at same time

I'm prescribed 80mg xr adderall a day. 60mg/am 30mg/pm I've been on that dose for awhile plus I've been taking a higher dose of busbars (30mg 2x/day). 80mg isn't as effective anymore my tolerance to any drugs builds quickly (anything from motrin to antibiotics to xanax and adderall) the 80mg isnt effective to the point where if I want to go to sleep I can. What I've been doing is taking 90mg/AM and 30mg/PM. Most likely my Dr. Will prescribe me the 120mg/day next time I go back to see him(whenever I've asked for an increase he's given it to me after I tell him what I've been taking). My question is later down the road once the 120mg/day isn't effective like it should be,would I be able to be prescribed vyvance on top of adderall since 120mg/day is the max dose the FDA allows you to be perscribed?
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"the 80mg isnt effective to the point where if I want to go to sleep I can. "   Actually for some people, adderall helps them sleep because it quiets there racing mind.   So perhaps, being able to sleep is not the best way to tell if it is being effective.   Good link here on that...  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0gir0CPLjo&feature=em-subs_digest-vrecs
   Just because of the FDA's worry about people abusing/selling drugs...I would be surprised if they allowed both to be prescribed.   But, you certainly might want to try Vyvannce as it lasts much longer!   However, it is smoother and unless you know what to look for, you might think it is not working as well.
  By the way, make sure that you are having a high protein breakfast and no citrus during breakfast.
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