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I feel intimidated by my psychiatrist. What should I do?

I have a severe case of ADHD and anxiety. My anxiety disorder has been improving thank goodness, but my ADHD hasn't. My doctor always makes worse he give me prescription for concerta which helps me, but cuts me off the next month. He said he doesn't want me to get addicted. I can honestly say I've never felt addicted, but it does help me. It helps me think clearer, finish up my tasks, and focus. How do I make it clear to my doctor that the medication actually helps me and I'm not some junkie looking to get high? The worse part is my doctor tells me "you're not in school what do you need it for" I have work other than school. My doctor always makes me feel I'm an addict looking for a quick high, which makes me feel too intimidated to ask for the prescription. I've just been miserable and sucking it up because I'm too scared to speak with my doctor.
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Hey gurl7 i have had ADHD for my whole childhood now 22 and been clear 4 years now,your doctor is right in some way with not giving you the medication as AHDH tablets are very addicive and have ceartin trace of co-family which makes it highly likely for people to get addicted without knowing it! He's only looking out for your best interest but he should not cut you off without giving a subadiser for your current medication,In my opinion your best without the medz i felt like a zombie shut off from the world try other things shut as herbals medications they are so much better for your body for one and two they do work just finding the right one for your body to help you concentrate

Thats my personal advice not medical but as medical you have a rights as a patient which means you have a voice you can man up and tell your doctor what your thinking of you can write it down on piece of paper and hand them it they will not shout or moan at you they get paid lots of money to do their job so if your not feeling as if they are not helping say so !

I always ask my patients what they think before i give my advice , maybe book an appointment with your doctor and slip in well i think i would be better off with ... or i feel as if this works better..

Trust me doctor will listen to you if he does not get a second opiniom from another doctor !
Your intitled to change doctors
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