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Is this really an issue? My story


I want you all to read this and understand that deciding to label a child like this is not always beneficial, and the tablets I am given to "help me concentrate" in all honesty would help anyone to concentrate a bit better, it basically allows you to narrow your mind and focus away from external stimulus.

I don't know how regularly you get a youth with ADHD, supposedly troublesome, come onto your page, because If I'm being honest it mainly looks like a mothers lunch out having a natter about a VERY broad range of different children...

So I am a 16 year old male, supposedly with ADD, as a child I was not massively ill behaved until one year at school, I was around 7 maybe nearing on 8... The teacher I had was a nightmare, and as a supposedly hyperactive child well I misbehaved.

Now let me begin the interesting part, my teacher wanted to have me diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome and have me sent to a special school! Apparently I was not a satisfactory child, and my behaviour was unacceptable?
Now before you label your child I want all you mothers and teachers to turn around and look at yourselves for a minute really give it a go, and ask yourself is it really a child with a potentially really challenging disorder or is it just the fact that you can't handle the fact that you have an intelligent child that isn't going to give you the time of day because you are not capable of handling them?

I was "diagnosed" (I hate that word) with ADHD aged 7 apparently by the time I had a new teacher the next year I had magically lost my hyperactivity and caused little issue at all  once I realised actually I'm not a bad kid lets prove me wrong I started to turn my turbulent little mind around.

Now at the age of 16 I have a large string of A grades under my belt and am going onto college, and still I have ADD, of course I will take the tablets they would help any kid I assure you of that

And with my "disorder" I have successfully made it through education, without ever getting into trouble inside or outside of school, and I behave like a normal well rounded citizen!

So I'm not saying all of these children don't have ADHD and ADHD doesn't exist, no that's not my point at all, I strongly believe many children have a disorder that fits the criteria of ADHD, but most of the time these children just need some support, I strongly believe that really they may just be lacking a bit of TLC, some attention and a someone to put there foot down when they misbehave.....

And always seek a second opinion, if my parents hadn't I would be in a special school, with an IQ of 130 and above average in all areas, somehow that doesn't sit quite right does it?!

I wish you all the best and I will be happy to answer any questions, I'm happy to help, I'm also open to disagreements, go ahead
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