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Prescribed Adderall yesterday, questions

I am newly diagnosed with adult ADD (ADHD) and have a new prescription for Adderall 10mg. (generic)
I have a few questions that maybe some folks have experience and can give me advice.  I took my first dose yesterday.  I cannot believe how calm I was, mentally calm.  I was nervous that I would be speeding around and buzzing.  Thank heavens this is the right med for me.  
Oh, my question is: I am a coffee drinker.  Not really alot, I go through my phases.  I enjoy maybe two cups in the A.M. because after I pour the third I usually forget about it and it gets cold. I forgot to ask my doc yesterday about possible food interactions that should be avoided.  As far as other meds, he is the doc that prescribes everything, with the exception of my PCM whom prescribes Synthroid. (that's another story for another day).
I just need to know that if I drink coffee with my medicine in the morning, it will not take away from the therapeutic effect.  This is my second day and yesterday I skipped coffee.  Also, I take Wellbutrin SR - 150 BID (tried TID but thought I was going to have a heart attack...nervous feeling) I have done alot of research about the different ADHD medications and I am reading conflicting stories (I know that everyone is different) I've had nearly a month to research.  I have come to the conclusion that it may be best to take the Wellbutrin later in the day (same time each day though) after taking my Adderall  first thing upon waking.
Wow, that is alot.  Sorry for the length. I probably should have waited until my medicine took effect, I could have saved ALOT of time and typing.  Thanks for any answers and/or suggestions.
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   So glad to hear that it is working for you.  Main food interaction to avoid is something like orange juice within two hours of your med.  It will counteract the medications effectiveness.   Also a high protein breakfast will make the med even more effective.
   As far as coffee goes, if i remember correctly, it depends on the individual.  
   I would wait until after you have had breakfast before your adderall as it can affect your appetite and breakfast is really a very important meal.
  And yes, this really is a trial and error, type of thing.
   Hope this helps.  Please post if you have any more questions.
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Here's what happened yesterday, in short. (I'll try to be brief) Coffee is a no go until I get accustomed to the medicine.  I felt the effects pretty quick bc of the coffee but they were negative. However, after my heart and mind stopped racing I still felt the effects.  I was able to focus better but not on the appropriate tasks. I had big fat ZERO motivation which I have never had and was hoping that would be changed after starting the med.  After the initial jitters were passed the medicine showed some improvement (that's a good thing) but it didn't carry me throughout the day..maybe around 10:40 I was sleepy but more organized. Stayed awake and fought the sleep. Then at 1pm I was antsy, no focus and no concentration. My normal self.
Mind you I am on the IR- 10 mg. Next week I will take 20 IR in the AM. Then at the two week mark I go back to my doc and report status.
PS- I had NO PROBLEM eating.  My hunger never stops.
Today I switched it up a little.  I took Synthroid at 4 am, went back to sleep. Got up at 6 am had coffee with one of my two 150 Wellbutrin SR, 7:48 took my daily dose of 10 mg Adderall IR...now it is 8:13 and I hope I can finish this and get away from the PC (smile) In about 15 mins I am going to take my Suboxone (4-6 mg) because I may be feeling w/d from not taking that yet this morning. I'll report later.  The only remaining med is my second Wellbutrin at around 2'ish and then my seroquel this evening.
Perhaps I should force myself to start a task and maybe I can accomplish it once I get into it. (Cleaning this disgusting clutter in my house) A little at a time, one thing at a time.  This is my problem b4 the diagnosis.  I have a project in every room of the house and bounce from one to the other and then just give up b/c I'm exhausted and frustrated. Always frustrated.  Thanks again.
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    Keep in mind that adderall IR has a duration of 4 to 8 hours, so it won't last the day like the XR version will.  
    Actually beginning to wonder if you should try the 5 or 7 mg first, before you go up.
   Also Adderall hits you pretty fast.   Vyvannse is a smoother, much longer lasting med - you might want to keep in that in mind.
   Thinking about it, Ritalin is usually prescribed for ADD.  Its not quite as strong as adderall and has several extended and generic versions.
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I agree with sandman that it is very important to eat breakfast before taking this medicine.  I too have an insanely higher appetite while taking Adderall.  My doc wanted to switch to Vyvanse but I ended up losing a lot of weight and it just wasn't very effective. I have been taking Adderall for about 6 years and I can say that it has its ups and downs.  I am definitely more organized but that energy can be focused in the wrong direction and you can get off on a tangent doing unproductive crap (like typing blogs) when you should be doing homework or cleaning.  Make sure you are already doing what you should be doing before it starts to kick in since it will amplify your interest.  I take the IR also and I prefer it over ER.  I like to control how much is in my system because I don't need to be in full focus mode all day long.  I do like to fall asleep without pondering the meaning of life.  I don't like to take it everyday.  It has never been physically addictive to me.  I can take it or leave it without any physical side effects.  However, it can easily cause jaw clenching and/or teeth grinding and sometimes that means you might be taking too high of a dose.  Watch that or you will be breaking your teeth and have killer jaw pain.  The midday crash can be rough so it may be more advantageous to take half in the morning and half after lunch.  That has always worked for me.  I do sometimes just get really bitchy when it starts to wear off and that is more likely to happen if I also have PMS.  It is not a good idea to drink any caffeine with this.  If you notice you are jittery, your dose is probably too high.  I don't have too many chronic issues even after taking this medicine for so long.  Mostly the jaw clinching thing and having a good generic (they are not all created equal) is all I really can warn you about.  I don't take too much (I only take 15mg in morning and 15 mg after lunch) but I still notice the jaw thing.  I do feel nauseated with the manufacture version from TEVA.  A lot of people do not like TEVA.  I use the Publix pharmacy to avoid this brand.  I haven't had to increase my dose in over three years so you can stay at a constant dose and be fine.  Start low and if you find that you are having to move up to fast in your dose, it may be time to take a few days off.  I personally do not want to be taking more than 30 mg per day.  

Adderall it isn't for everyone but it works for me.  I went from being a C student that had to go to summer school every single school year to being a straight A student even with a very hard major.  I didn't realize I needed it until I was almost 30 and by then I had given up on being able to actually do well in college.  I always wanted to study biology but didn't think I was smart enough because that is what I had been told my entire life.  It can change the way you feel about your ability to succeed if taken the right way.  I went back to school for biology and did quite well with a 3.8 GPA.    

Be mindful of making sure no one gets their hands on your pills.  If you have drug seeking friends, watch them around this medicine.  They will try to steal it.  It has a high street value and to people who don't actually need it will abuse it.  I personally find Ambien or Xanax more of a threat to abuse than I do Adderall.  I personally have never had a problem with Adderall because it isn't "fun" for me.  Ambien, on the other hand, is sooo.....yeah.  Just don't let it get out of control, don't hand it out to friends like it is a party favor, and don't leave your bottle laying around.  It is astonishing how many kids and teens like to play with Adderall.  
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Thanks for your response, again.  I have definitely considered Vyvanse.  I want a medicine that will be consistent, if that makes sense.  I have been all over the place trying to research, reading reviews and stories but I also keep in mind that everyone is different.  I still have no motivation.  My memory is getting better (short term) like walking to another room in the house and forgetting what the heck I needed out of there. I am able to focus but kind of on irrelevant things.  I have to make myself stop.  I have noticed that I am biting my bottom lip quite often.  
Again, this medicine is new to me so I know I have to give it time. However, my symptoms aren't really changing much.  My therapist (whom I visit every Friday afternoon) told me I could need a dose change or even a different med.  More often than not, the doc will prescribe either one or the other of Adderall or Concerta and if neither of those fit then they will start looking into the hybrid meds, ie Vyvanse.  We'll see.
Yesterday my skin was crawling and I didn't want my husband to touch me. My libido is non-existent.  My Wellbutrin has cured this problem for the passed year and now I suppose the Adderall is counteracting that nice little side effect that I receive from Wellbutrin.  I just don't know.  I can say that the headache wasn't there yesterday. I can also say that I am still hungry (that's good). I wasn't AS jittery yesterday if at all. So, for now, this is what is happening.  I am keeping a log in my journal each day with what time I am taking my different meds.  What type of side effects (positive and negative) I am feeling and how soon or long after.  Plus I am posting here and it is sort of like a daily log.
All that being said, I just want consistency and I need to have a med that is going to last through the day.  If that means sticking to fast acting medicine and just taking it PRN then so be it.  I would personally prefer to take a long or intermediate acting medicine.  The only problem with the long acting is that I have read that for some it lasts 14 hours. That may not really be a problem for me later on after I decide what type of progress I have made.  Gotta go scramble up a couple of eggies.  I'll check back again soon. Thanks again.
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I actually read and answered Sandman2's reply before first reading yours.  Which is really weird because I think I kind of hit on a few of your comments at the same time.  YES...the blog thing has got to go.  I will definitely try to start the most important task before the med begins to take effect.
So, I thank you for your post.  
As for generics not all being the same, I know that from plenty of experience, but what I don't know is if I can keep my current pharmacy but request that they don't give me this particular generic (can they special order a different one just for me)  I go to Rite-Aid and I just don't see them special ordering a different generic for me.  I was given the pharmacore or something like that. So my question is, will they actually take a request?
I don't want to change pharmacies for one drug b/c what does that look like?  I mean seriously.  I don't want to change pharmacies at all.  I suppose if this particular generic that I have starts to feel right for me then I shouldn't even need to request.  I don't know what I'm trying to say.  Forget it.
One last thing. As for friends getting into my meds.  That definitely won't happen, it can't...I don't have friends. (b/c of my undiagnosed ADD)  Sad but true.  And as for family members.  Only my husband and myself and our lab.  So I guess I am safe as far as loosing my med to an addict.  
PS, Once the doc gets me on a stable dose I am definitely going to keep myself in check (not take med everyday- take holidays) I am in recovery.  Have been for 10 years. Let's just say, upper's aren't my thing and neither are sleeping pills. I'm confident that I am safe in all of these areas.
Thank you so much for your reply. All suggestions are appreciated.  I need a strong support network.
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You usually figure out pretty quickly if the generic brand you have gives you adverse side effects.  If you didn't have bad nausea then you should be good to go.  I get the dry heaves for hours if I take the TEVA brand, even when I eat before taking it.  Also, if for some reason Rite Aid decides to start ordering a brand you don't like, all you have to do is let your doc know which generic is best for you and he will write that brand prescription.  Rite Aid will most likely either order it for you or let you know where you can take it.  I personally do not like the Rite Aid in my town because the people just aren't very friendly.  You will have to physically take your prescription in every month anyway and using a different pharmacy is fine because as long as you are not trying to fill two or three per month and you are just getting one per month.  Pharmacist understand that some generics are not as good as others and if they were to ask just be honest and let them know the other pharmacy generic gave you a bad reaction.  I tried CVS and Walgreens first before realizing that the Publix brand set well with me.  One thing I forgot to mention is to make sure you eat a lot of protein when you take this medicine.  You need to keep your protein intake high and your sugar intake a little lower.  I know that is just common health sense but it is essential to get more protein because it will help your body and therefore help your brain function.  Also, if you are feeling like you have bugs under your skin or like something is always crawling on you then it is probably the brand.  I have had that sensation with the brand my CVS gave me. It is an unwanted side effect that did not go away for me.  If it doesn't go away then it might be a good idea to find another brand.  If all of the brands do that to you then you should go to Vyvanse.  It is a bit smoother but, like I said, it just wasn't very effective for me and it caused me to lose a lot of weight.  Concerta really didn't help me much either.  All this being said, it may work very well for you so don't rule it out just because someone else said it didn't work for them.  

As far as not having many friends, well, that is about to change.  You are going to find that you feel more social, listen better, and carry on conversations much better.  But, you have to get out of your house to do that.  Whatever you do, don't coup yourself up and become a hobbit.  You need social interaction for your mental well being.        
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   Here is a link on meds and how long they last.  Not even Vyvannse will last 14 hours - if so its overdosed.  I still have a feeling that you should kick it down a notch and try the ritalin/methylphenidate type of stim meds.
   Do tell your psyc how you are reacting to the medication.
   Keep in touch.
        Opps, the link is - http://www.leeheymd.com/charts/adhd_1.html
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Thanks guys.  I will take into consideration regarding trying the Ritalin route.  I didn't post yesterday bc I know that once my fingers touch this keyboard, game over.  I actually was able to get many things accomplished.  Things that I have been putting off since we have arrived to my husband's new duty station.  I've been here since January and I'm ashamed the way I have neglected, and put things off, and put things off.  I mean don't get me wrong, I keep my floors clean (kind of OCD when it comes to dog hair flying all over the hardwood.  When it comes to other things like dusting....forget it.  I hate dusting.  I spot clean is basically what I do.  My real problem is the clutter.  Nothing has a particular place that it belongs.  My mind is cluttered so I figure in turn, my home is cluttered.  I got to it today though.  Yesterday I got a running start and pooped out shortly after appx an hour.  Not today baby.  I even had my husband pulling furniture away from walls and sweeping and cleaning blinds and bathtubs and sinks.  I was rockin and rollin.  It felt good to not be exhausted.  I usually get exhausted just thinking about the task/s at hand.  It was really nice to be able to complete these particular things and then kick back and enjoy the cleanliness.  No exhaustion.  However, I did notice that I was all over the place, from one room to the next.  I am making mental notes as I go along as well as documenting in my journal.  I haven't had headaches.  No more skin crawling. I have noticed that I kind of gnaw my bottom lip on the right side.  I also have dry throat and cough.  That is more towards the point that I know that my medicine is wearing off.  Then a little rebound effect.  Things get magnified at times.  One thing that hasn't stopped since day one...I'm snappy.  Bigtime snappy.  I immediately apologize to my husband and pray that he understands.  I suppose it is usually around noon that these slight side effects start and then by 2 o'clock I am ready for my nap.  I get up around 4:30 take my various meds from that point until 8 am or so.  I have always felt sleepy around 1:30- 2:30 since I can remember.  If I take a nap I feel more fatigued and don't want to prepare dinner.  
Last night I didn't go to sleep until nearly 1 a.m. and finally I turned off all outside stimuli and went right to sleep.  Then, up at 3:40 a.m. and cleaned the kitchen. Ridiculous.  I just can't sleep once I wake up. I knew I should have just went to the restroom and straight back to bed..I knew what was going to happen.  
I am going to check out that link Sandman2.  I need to try to figure out what the difference is between these phendidate and amphetamines and dex and so on.  I just really want to get the right medicine. I am kind of getting used to the adderall but it just doesn't cover my symptoms long enough.  I have very long days...housewife...go figure.  I'm so busy all of the time (in my head)  It's crazy.  But, I know that I will get sorted out soon.  I am really looking for a medicine that is going to help with this fatigue. I am drained, tired all of the time.  I don't know why.  Thyroid is fine.  I just wish that these medicines did the same for everyone.  Life would be so too easy then I suppose.
Rite Aid isn't my favorite but Walgreens no longer works with Tricare/express scripts and I can't stand CVS.  And the grocery store pharmacy gave me the wrong strength of suboxone.  I'm just going to tough it out with RiteAid for now.  I suppose I'll stop here and start looking into the different medicines and how they may help my symptoms.  Things are getting better.  I just need consistency and something that will last throughout the whole day.  I don't think that Adderall (XR) will be the same as the instant release.  I also need a med that is going to help me in the mornings.  It doesn't matter if I wake at 4 or 7, I cannot get motivated until nearly noon.  I finally get in the shower and then I'm ready for pm nap shortly after that.  This is my issue.  I suppose I can just continue with the Adderall and just stay on the lowest dose possible and take it a couple of times a day....but again, this medicine doesn't help me in the morning.  I has a slow onset I think.  Like nearly two hours before I get the lead out and move around.  Ok. I'll check back tomorrow.  I have to hit the sack.  Wayyyy late for me.  I am usually in bed by 9.  That doesn't mean that I go to sleep at 9, too many thoughts and things that I may miss out on.  Isn't that silly?  Take care
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This thread is fascinating to me and extremely helpful! I'm on my second day of Adderall and I'm not sure what I think!  I've had issues since I was about 14 (20 yrs) my biggest problem being extreme fatigue.  I have always felt  like I could sleep for days, wake up and use the bathroom and go back to sleep. I also have generalized anxiety disorder. Sometimes it's worse than others.  Circumstances and my hormonal cycle.  I have xanex I can take when it's too much to cope with but really I feel like my anxiety and that edge are part of who I am and my personality.  In my teens and early 20s I tried zoloft and Paxil a few times for my anxiety and depression but they made me feel like a zombie. I couldn't handle it. After I had my daughter 7 yrs ago I was having a really hard time functioning.  I was very short tempered, tired, unmotivated and would start lots if projects around the house and never finish them. Most days simple things like dishes, laundry, making dinner, even getting dressed were a challenge. What disturbed me most was the impatience and rage I experienced. Still am not sure if most of it was circumstances or what. Anyhow I saw a dr who practices intigrated medicine who specialized in hormones bc I was convinced I was suffering from estrogen dominance after going to both my md and obgyn looking for help.  The only solutions they offered were birth control pills, which make me feel ishy and crazy or antidepressants whichI ddidn't want 1 bc of my previous experiences and 2 bc I wasn't convinced depression was my problem.  The integrated dr performed a hormone Test and sure enough it was as I suspected.  Estrogen dominant big time. The solution was a low dose of thyroid armour and progesterone drops. This helped with some of it but still I wasn't feeling as well as I knew I could. I muddled through for the next few years. Decided to get a full time job. I thought the routine and becoming self sufficient and independent from my husband would help.  Mind you I've tried vitamins and diet and exercise too over the years as well. I managed to land my dream job and I work about 50 hrs a week generally which doesn't leave much time for my kids and house and I feel that both are in a constant state of chaos and I can't seem to get a handle on it. My mother keeps nagging me to get it organized and make my life easier but I can't seem to make sense of it all or find the motivation to do that even.  I don't consider myself a lazy person by any means.  I go hard from the minute my feet touch the ground at 7 am to the time I drag myself into bed around 10. My job is extremely fast paced and high pressure... and I love that about it. I call it extreme multitasking (my whole life is extreme multitasking) and I love the challenge. I have to be sharp and clear and quick witted but some days this is a huge challenge. My brain gets very foggy like I feel like there's a cloud in the front of my brain. Sometimes I feel like it's hard to function or have a normal conversation and have to ask people to repeat themselves several times.  I have a hard time making sense of things.  Still fatigue, as it has alway been is a huge issue for me. Sometimes my brain feels like it's functioning at such a high level that I have 8 million things swirling in my brain and I can't pin down one thought. I rarely live in the moment and am always thinking about what I have to do next... this makes it really hard to enjoy life and I recently decided that this is likely a huge factor in my fatigue. My bestie suggested that I am mentally exhausted. I've tried different sleep routines over the years, 12 hrs of sleep, 9, 8, 7 5... sleep doesn't seem to be a huge factor but I suppose he could he right. And  a lot of times over the years I have gotten so overwhelmed with life that I completely shut down and can't get out of bed.  I hope this is making sense... I feel like I'm jumping around a lot but I hope someone can relate! So all of this has really been upsetting me the last 6 months. I honestly feel like I have tried everything under the sun... in addition to everything I have tried above, I would like to add yrs of counseling on and off,  and multiple drs who never seem to have a solution. .. my integrated med dr has been the only one who has come close. Anyhow, a few months ago I decided to see a psychiatrist and see if she could figure me out. I was really disappointed when she said she thought I have depression in addition to my anxiety... although the line of questioning I endured I feel like it would be almost impossible for any person who walked through her door to not be diagnosed with the same.  She suggested that maybe I had add due to my anxiety or anxiety due to add but wanted to treat my anxiety first. .. I pretty much flat out told her I'm not depressed. She prescribed Pristiq which messed me up instantly.  Most intense anxiety I've ever had- I felt like a crack head plus a whole host of other side effects... pretty much everything I went to get treated for became extremely worse on that med. I lasted 3 days on it. No way I was hanging in for my body to adjust.   So I went back and she tried a lexapro. This wasn't as bad as pristiq but still, I couldn't function which with my busy life is completely unacceptable. I asked her if we could try treating me for add bc at this point i had started reading about it and everything i had read described me to a T. I was blown away. I began to read about the success and miracles ppl like me were experiencing with adderall. I asked if we could try it and she became very uncomfortable and said i had to see her collegue for 3 appts- extensive evaluation.  At this point I became discouraged. It was about time for my annual with my intigrated med dr so I went last week for my appt and told him of what I have been going through and the research I had been doing. He offered to monitor me while I try adderall for a month. I swear I heard angel singing when he said this! I started taking it saturday. 10mg in the am and 10mg late afternoon.     Saturday was a really rough day for me. I had raging pms and work was exceptionally busy and sstressful. Again I had 6 million things to do and trying to keep it straight and get it done- it was just a swirling ball of cchaos in my mind. I thought I was going to have a complete nervous breakdown and heart attack. Once i took the Adderall i noticed the swirling stopped. I still had some anxiety but i have to say the Adderall helped immensely.  It didn't quite feel like i expected.  No euphoria like I've read ppl experience. It mostly just stopped my swirling thoughts.   After the day i had saturday i decided not to take it Sunday (yesterday) ... idk why. I took it today the way I was supposed to. Definitely felt quite a bit of anxiety. Not more than normal but different than normal. I do feel a bit more clear and alert... well I did today... now it's worn off and I'm kinda tired... I felt alert and kind of outgoing. I notice a difference in my energy level a little.  Still a weird anxiety and emotionally I feel a little weird... like a homesick feeling and overwhelmed by life. I'm hoping this is just hormonsl... probably wasn't the best time to start taking it as far as my hormonal cycle goes. I'm hoping this is a lot of my issue with it.  I feel like this med is supposed to be instant. I kind of eexpected euphoria from what I've read. I know everyone is different. I'm hoping once I get on a routine with it and it gets in my system I'll feel 100% great about it   but idk that it works that way. I've noticed tonight once Iit started to wear off I became pretty agitated. And I noticed about 2 hrs ago when my jaw felt tired that I've been lightly grinding my teeth. Ugh!!! I feel like this is my last hope! Like this HAS to work for me!!! Does anyone have any advice? ! .  Sorry this was such a long post but I really enjoyed reading this thread! I'm so thankful to be around other ppl who might get me!!!
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   weird, Adderall should act within 30 min.  If you don't feel it, then something else is going on.  
   1.  You are taking orange juice (or something like it) before the med.  OJ screws up the absorption.
    2. You are on Prozac or Paxil which really screws up the adderall.
    3 . You are on slightly overdosed on some other med.
    4.  You have a slow "transit" time.  In other words, you poop every couple of days, instead of every day.
    Sometimes, people with ADHD or ADD actually sleep better with a light stim dose before bedtime as it quiets or slows down there thoughts.
     Any chance you have sleep apnea?   Lack of sleep will really mess you up.
    I am a great napper.  But, I set an alarm clock to make sure I don't nap more then 30/45 min.  Any more then that and I am groggy for awhile.
    Try going to bed later (do it slowly - adding 30 min. or so each day).  And then hopefully falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer.
     What other meds are you taking? - they could be part of the problem.  Or when you take them could be part of the problem.  Some meds will work just as well taken at night.
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   Couple of things about adderall.  Onset is about 30 min.  so its not exactly instant.  It will last 4 to 8 hours.   It may be that you second dose is a bit too high.  Check with your doc.  
    People with ADD or ADHD do not experience Euphoria when taking Adderall.  It makes them feel more kind of normal.  The people feeling Euphoria are the college kids abusing the medication ( to over simplify things a bit).
     Please let me know if there is any info you need about ADD etc.  What you have been going through - actually sounds pretty typical.   And, yes, depression and anxiety are huge co-disorders usually caused by the ADD/ADHD (but not always).
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Yesterday was my third consecutive day on adderall. I like that it stops the million swirling thoughts in my head and improves my memory greatly.  Those two things I've noticed. I have trouble eating in the am after I wake up (always have) and have been taking my adderall about an hr after I wake up and after a while I get very jittery and anxious. My mouth gets very dry and my appetite is gone so while I know i have to eat I almost feel like I'm choking down food. Really have to force feed myself. Food does help with the jitters a little. I've also noticed that by the end of the day my anxiety is very high. I almost feel like I have negative thoughts but I really can't explain it. It's not like my normal anxiety I'm used to living with.  In addition my jaw is very tired from being clenched constantly and I'm grinding my teeth. Plus im getting very easily aggitated in the evenings. I feel like at this point I'm on the fence as to whether the cons outweigh the pros. I'm trying to decide if I should try 5 mg instead of 10 or take a break from it for a week and try it again when I'm not clashing with crazy women mensi hormones... and make sure I keep food in my stomach. Or wondering if I keep taking it if my body will adjust and the side effects will subside.  Maybe try a different brand/drug store as I have seen other people have done or if taking a very low dose of xanex with it will help curb the anxiety.  I understand about the euphoria thing and why other people are experiencing it. I'm ok without euphoria, wasn't looking for that (although who doesn't love euphoria?! Lol!) But I'm not seeking it. Just motivation and focus and alertness. Any thoughts?!
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    I would talk to your doc and see if you could switch to Ritalin.   It really does sound like the Adderall is too much for you.  
    Have you ever tried the chocolate high protein drinks for breakfast?  Protein is really important, and the drinks could also help calm the stomach.
    And it is not unusual to take a low dose of Xanex to help with anxiety.  The timing of the dose would be important.
    Are you on any other med besides the Adderall and thyroid meds.?
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I have been reading the posts between you and sandman ....I am 60 y/o but my situation and feelings are are being expressed by you two perfectly Thank you so much I am listening and making a list for my dr. I am still playing with dosage with the adderall. I am amazed how it makes me feel "normal" or what I think  normal feels like. So I will continue to follow you two again thank you both
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amen....I seem to be able to relate to everyone on this post but especially you about 15 -20 years ago. I have found the adderal (I have been on it a week + and it helps soooo much I feel what I think a human should feel like but I think I need a higher dose or is my addictive behavior I truly do not know But thanks to all of you and all of us suffering this mental illness...
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