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Should I get tested for ADHD?

Hi, for a long time I have felt like I had ADHD. I asked my mom to get checked, but she doubts I have it and says I am a teenager. Though I feel like my case is too extreme to just be a teacher.

I do sit still in class. I shake a lot. I always tap on the desk playing imaginary piano.

My attention span is very short. I always pay attention for five minutes then I zone out for a while. All my teachers recognizes my inability to focus in class.

I cannot read at all. I always daydream when reading. I have to keep rereading a page. I reread, then I daydream again.

My mood swings often. I get overly excited for some reason. I talk a lot, and too fast sometimes, and rush when I talk.

Though, when I get home I do crash and go straight to sleep. I try to eat more and sometimes drink coffee but I do not think that has to do with ADHD.

Also I am able to focus in music. I listen to very long songs (At most 25 minute songs). So my short attention span does not apply to listening to music. I am a musician so idk.

I know you guys are not doctors, but do you think I should be worried?
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Actually I am aware some of you guys are doctors. I think.
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       Ummmm, not a doctor, but sure have a lot of experience with people with ADHD or perhaps in your case ADD.
       The fact, that you a teenager, is worried enough to post on an international forum says a lot to me.   One of the biggest co-disorders of ADHD is anxiety and depression, and those numbers go way up when they have had it for years and never knew what was the cause of their problems.
       Being able to concentrate on things that you like is not unusual - in fact, normal.  And there are some very famous musicians with ADHD for that matter.  
       So yes, if you are concerned enough to post - then I definitely think that you should be worried.  Plus, you do have many of the symptoms!
       This is a link with specific symptoms of ADD (since you did not mention the hyper part).  By the way, forms of twitching (playing piano in your case), is a known compensation to help with concentration.   The link is - http://www.help4adhd.org/about/what/WWK8
       Read  the link.  See how it fits.  Show it to your mom or to your high school counselor.   You do need to know what is going on, and there is only one way to find out.   There are a lot of good coping strategies for dealing with AD/HD and it sounds like you have discovered a few on your own.
      Please let me know if you have any other questions.  Best wishes.
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Yea I go through a lot of anxiety and depression. Which is on an off lol. Right now I havnt had a sign of depression for like a few months, but last time it lasted well... a few months. So now I am more sure
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Also I am getting a physical check up soon. So I will notify my doctor. My physical is expired so... yea I will see what his advice is. I really want to know, its bothering me, and I zone out way too much in school. All my teachers really get annoyed by it.
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   Make sure you read the link I gave above.  Go into your doc prepared.  Good luck.  Let me know what happens.
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