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at home diagnosis?

I've been told that I should get tested for ADD/ADHD a few times, and even my parents have suggested that I may have it, but they won't take me to a psychiatrist to be tested or diagnosed because of previous bad experiences they had when they took my older brother to one... Is there any way to diagnose with a reasonable amount of accuracy whether or not I have ADD without seeing a psychiatrist?
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  This has a lot of the information you might need - http://www.medhelp.org/medical-information/show/2157/Attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder-ADHD?page=1#sec_3761

    You don't have to go to a psychiatrist to get the diagnosis.  An MD or a psychologist can also make the diagnosis as far as I know, but its always best to go to someone that specializes in ADHD.  

    Its too bad about your parents previous experience.  All doctors are different, and they shouldn't generalize from one bad experience - particularly when its your mental health that is at stake.  If you are thinking of college, there are some advantageous to having a ADHD diagnosis before you arrive.  Of course, If you go to college (and are over 18), you can use on campus services to get a diagnosis.
    No matter what you do, I think it would be worth your effort to find out  more information on AD/HD.  (the link above is a good starting place) If you have it, it doesn't mean that you have to be medicated.  It does mean that with the proper information, you will have the knowledge to lead a more productive life.  Good Luck, and if you have any more questions - please feel free to post.
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Hi there,

I'm unaware if your age, but I'm mostly certain you're in high school. Try going to your guidance counselor or talk to a teacher you trust about your dilemma if you can and seek more help through the school that you attend. Most schools are ADD/ADHD experts these days.

Other than that, there are some online tests (google ADHD test online and you'll find some) however I'm unsure of their accuracy as I've never taken one myself and I was diagnosed 6 years ago when I was 13. Most tall-tale signs are impulsiveness, unable to sit still for periods of time (fidgeting), unable to focus (but able to focus hardcore on things you're really into - this is called hyperfocusing), citric acids display an increase in hyperactivitiy, etc.

Google is your best friend about ADHD, believe you me.
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