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symptoms of adhd ?

my daughter is 14yrs old .. my daughter wants to stay in her room and she has lost friends because she refusses to go outside..she wont do anything and even gets upset and will cry if i make her even go shopping .. she tells me she cant stand to be around people.. i have been trying to get her an appt with a spealist but has a wait list.. my daughter symptoms are she tears paper like a mouse would,, she scratches anything she can (candles ,,air freshners) she tells me she cant rember what i say to her,,she will stir at me when im talking to her and gets upset that i tell her she looks at me with a blank stir,, she has to constantly move her hands,, she will hoard food and sneaks and wants to eat alone,, she has very bad grades and the teachers tell me she tells them she forgets the questions and she will talk gibersh and answers me with a meow omg that drives me crazy,,,my son tells me that the kids at school wont have anything to do with her because of this ,,my son has asked me if there is something going on with her .. i had a grandmal seizure when i was about 3mnts prego and had a ultra sound and my gyno told me she would have autisum and tryed to convince me to abort her.. she acts so different than my other 2 kids and will just stir off into space ...i tell my hubby something is wrong or going on with her ..my hubby gets so mad at me and tells me theres nothing wrong with her but will fuss that she acts that way.. what does her symptoms sound like ? im sorry i dont mean any hurt or putting anyone down but i cant think of how to describe this but could she be im sorry but retarted ,,i cant think of the right word to say. im gona have her tested by a spealist over all this ..any advice would be so helpful to me,,thanks to everyone..
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The can't sit still and unable to focus,sounds like ADHD..But, it also sounds like she a some sort of personality disorder. She has major issues with interpersonal relationships best of luck
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   A person with undiagnosed ADHD or ADD can react like your daughter is doing.  Basically, she is giving up - an thats not good.
  An appointment with a specialist is highly recommended.
  I also recommend that you start reading up on ADHD to see how it affects kids.
   A good starting point is here.   http://www.help4adhd.org/about/what/WWK8
There is lots of info here so take your time reading it.
  She also sounds like she might have Sensory Processing (or Integration) disorder.  You should check out this web site for info on that.  The two conditions often get confused.   The site is http://www.sensory-processing-disorder.com/
   Hope this helps.  Please let me know if you need more info.
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It also sounds like she has autism...my little sister has it and she will never get off the computer and has other stuff like puzzles that she can sove when the picture isnt showed to you...she only has friends at school which is kind of har to belive because a lot of kids make fun of her..her hygene is getting better since she is now living with my mom. My sisters brain is like 3 years behind her...if shes only a junior she could sound like a fuzzy 8th grader..it could be anything in your case..just telling you my story
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Has her condition developed recently?
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