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where do you turn?

Having spent the last year help my fiance work through his OCD and ADD im so frustrated.

The OCD was addressed by the doctors immediately, while his ADD Went By untreated. It took several more visits to his GP before they would admit that they have absolutey no services or meds available to ADD/ADHD sufferers. HOW can this be? I done múltiple search online to find that Adderal or Ritalin arent legal to prescribe in the UK but that they have alternative meds, none of which were suggested to my fiance?

There is also not one single support group or voluntary organisations for sufferers. I am gobsmacked at the outstanding lack of support available.

Where do we turn next??
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*continued* całm him.

Im by no means an expert on any of this but i do as much research as i can to try understand and help us both deal with this as best we can.
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Thank you so much for the swift reply!

Yeah i feel like the docs are really holding out on him. So far no alternatives have been suggested. Hes also been to a number of counsellors or therapists who have said they will look into but have called to. I feel like were living in the dark ages! Surely When you go to your doctor you shouldnt have to beg or hint at them how to do their job.

The OCD got treated through sessions of CBT once every few weeks. Its been over a year now since the sessions started and there have been improvements. He and the therapist established that the ADD triggered a lot of his obsessive compulsive behaviours. But the therapist only focused on addressing the OCD and said there was nothing he could do for the ADD.
Its been very discouraging and has almost given my fiance a free pass to let t theADD control him and he gets very irritated When i try to calm
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      Ah, dear ole England.  I still can't believe the posts I get from the Isles that  just seem so out dated.   In the link below, I give the  European consensus statement.  It might be helpful when seeing the next doctor.
      If possible, you need to find a specialist other then a GP.  The GP's either don't have a clue or aren't allowed to prescribe.  I do know from other posts from England that kids can get stim meds, so they are there.
    In the European consensus statement on diagnosis and treatment of adult ADHD: The European Network Adult ADHD, they say that, "Stimulants (methylphenidate and dexamphetamine) are first choice medication treatments for ADHD in children and adults, based on an extensive and still growing body of data concerning efficacy and safety [32,260]."
     Unfortunately, they also say - "In Europe, limited and different products are registered in the various countries. Some countries still only have access to immediate release methylphenidate and may or may not have access to dexamphetamine, while increasingly the longer-acting extended release preparations are being introduced. In Switzerland Dexmethylphenidate XR was licensed for use in adults in 2009 and this has been reported as a safe and effective option [292].'
    This probably isn't real helpful.  But, its the best I have got so far.  Can you get to a different kind of a doctor that can help.  A psychiatrist would be a better choice then a GP.
     By the way, it is not unusual for a person with ADD to develop OCD as a way to deal with the ADD.  Routine is a key for a person with AD/HD, and that routine can easily turn into OCD.  How did his docs deal with the OCD?
     If you are interested, I know of at least one or two links of support groups in the US for ADD.  Let me know.

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