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Abused in past

I was abused in the past by boyfriends and men. What can I do to get better and find a man that won't abuse me? My profile says male but I  female it was an accident click and I don't know how to change it.
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hha dont worry it happens a lot ..we see 'Male ' all the time when its a gal ..well I have always thought it the kind of places you may go and happen to meet me, I dont think clubs and bars are good ...I do think libraries, book stores, tennis, and sports clubs are better ,do no let anyone abuse you, at the first sign...dump them..dont get too involved at first , women , because they are wonderful and nurturing want a loving relationship immediately ...Play hard to get ...no intimate stuff till you get to know them better, prize yourself...your body is worth more than any one night stand ...
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Breaking the cycle of abuse can be very difficult. Because you are conditioned to being abused you might actually send out signals that you are vulnerable. It is unlikely that you can see this in yourself. You need a good therapist to guide you to an appreciation of yourself.

Some behavior hints to help protect you. Never go out with anyone you meet casually. Never go out with someone who knows one of your abusers. Never look for sympathy by telling a man you have been abused.
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Both of your answers and very helpful and amazing Thank you sooo much both of you!!!!
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simple.  go to therapy or counseling for yourself and ANY sign you see in a man that youve seen before in the previous ones, do not wait, do not walk, but RUN to the nearest exit!  
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