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Codependency & Abuse

Are people who abuse themselves,the same type of people who abuse others? Or is it the other way around?
I've made great attempts, all in vain to help victims of abuse on MedHelp, & in the real world. Or whatever is the politically correct title for the world outside of the Internet.  Pamela
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Trick question.
Some people who abuse themselves ( such as those who drink and do drugs) are also hurting those around them. Some alcoholics are very abusive.
So are some drug addicts.

However, those that cut themselves rarely hurt others.

Those that hurt themselves mentally, sometimes physically or mentally hurt others.

Those that abuse others, sometimes hurt themselves...but generally they hurt others because they themselves are hurting or have been hurt. As in the case of bullies. My friend ( way back in junior high ) beat up kids at school because her mom beat her up at home.
Actually, I knew a few of those kinds of kids.

I've also known many others who would abuse their spouses, family, animals, etc but never hurt themselves...they actually got some sort of thrill in doing it. I guess that would include those who kill for "fun"?

So it all depends on the individual.

Sorry if I've made it harder for you...

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It depends on what you consider abuse, Which can vary by cultural perspective, personal options and a bunch jumble of armchair phychology,... What it come down to is self abuse rerpeseesnt a low self esteem. Also those who were abused and felt to keep silent can begin to agree with those who abused them an one day they become abusers due to lonileness and a lack of support. What happens really is they wish to see someone sufferthe way that they once did however its more subconscious than anything with other who come from abusive families or who are never told this is not normal or not allowed contact with say a typical place may not relsie the abuse itself is not considered stable or healthy then keeping in mind that abuse is considered normally in cetian cultures or places in the world they don't label it as abuse they have another term for it. Another questin that comes to mind of abuse abusers in general behavorilsim vs.crtionism vs you are you simply conforming to others norms are you yourself or are you what you felt you created do you deny the thoughts of abuse or accept them and do you feel it is possible to change. Some don't and say that this has always been me or can't figure out the actypes or resoning behind the abuse of themselves or others others may feel a lack of empathy running through the abuse to begin wth still there are other who may want to change for themselves or others therefore I believe a large part of it is erspective.
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