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I need major advice..

So.. This is a thing I mainly kept to myself but I can't take it anymore. So, about 3 years ago my mother gotten a puppy. She said her original owner couldn't keep her so she adopted her, and she was loved from day one. But things started to change as she started to grow up.
Obviously puppies need tons of discipline, but delivered in a healthy, safe but most importantly stern way to show what is right from wrong right? Well, at first the discipline was fine, until she started to grow and get older and started to get more rowdy. That's when the trouble would begin happening..
I would like to start out by saying that does my mom have something wrong with her in the head? Yes. But I don't know what or why.. But basically the puppy growing up would bark alot , so eventually she got her a shocker collar to help control that. Fair..ish, but she started using it for things that didn't had to do with barking like moving out of her room (She lets the dog out when they use the bathroom, other than that the dog is confined to one corner of the room for most of the day only allowing to move to eat and drink.) She doesn't like the dog moving anywhere (and I don't know why?) She doesn't like the dog getting into the bed (which is fine, but not allowing them to move isn't) she doesn't like the dog taking too long outside even thought that's their free time, she limits the dog to do their business to 2 minutes, then makes her go inside) and the worse part.. If the dog doesn't do what she wanted or disobeys her In any way, she smacks/kicks the dog, even to the point where she is crying out loud yet she still does it! Repeatedly... even when the dog is just trying to get into my room (because it has gotten to the point where the dog is scared of being in the same room with my mom) she gets in trouble and gets kicked inside back into her room. This is clear abuse.. But it's hard to say anything since its my mother that's doing it, the person that brought her in. I know what She is doing is very wrong and even react out emotionally (either by screaming or crying) sometimes because it's a very hard thing to watch, knowing that you can't help the poor dog even though you are right there, knowing that she didn't do anything wrong but yet here she is getting smacked.. I need advice, I don't know what to do since I don't want her being in this environment.. But my mom doesn't understand, she thinks that I am being overdramatic, she doesn't see any problem in what she is doing.. I want to gain custody of her so she can't do a thing to get anymore but I don't know how to do it, any insight?.. Note that I'm a teen,
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You can contact the local animal control Officer or humane society and report the abuse of this poor dog. No creature should be mistreated by a human being. Her abusing this dog is just as cruel as if she was doing this to you. It’s wrong, dangerous and the dog has no one but you to speak up and do the right thing and protect this poor thing. Please contact animal control or the local humane society today.
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Yes, please!  She thinks she knows the pain she's suffering and the dog is suffering.  You don't know half of what this dog is going through.  I found dogs abandoned in a trailer in Summer where it was really hot-I live about an hour from Florida's capital city, Tallahassee, FL-& they had no water and no air except for one window opened barely a foot.  I had gone to church with these people and saw them all the time.  They were friends.  Their Mom was dying from cancer.  But, that didn't stop me from reaching out but I only got an answering machine from the Humane Society/Animal Control Center.  So, I couldn't give up because the lives of these animals were up to me just like the life of that innocent dog, who, as a rescue dog, has already been through so much already, and should've gotten to go to a home of peace and love and happiness, not your cruel Mother's.  I phoned the police and shortly after, a state patrolman pulled up.  I felt so great doing good for those innocent animals.  It's like God sent me over to their house, really, because they had moved like 2 weeks ago.  It's cruel also that they were living in there in their own feces and urine but at least they weren't made to sit in one spot all day and get kicked around!!  Sorry what I said about your Mom, but I'd say the same about my Mom and have and then some.  All I want for you to do is get the dog out and not let your Mom keep it.  Maybe you can get in touch with your animal control or Humane Society that's in your area and ya'll can arrange something like letting someone who really wants and needs a dog like yours get the dog, someone who's lonely and needs a friend or someone depressed or dying because dogs are so therapeutic!  I love how my dog comes to me and needs me when it's raining or worse or if there's gun shots or fireworks outside.  I'm paralyzed from the chest down, and can't move my fingers nor can I squeeze or snap my fingers, etc., but my dog needs me.  I mean, I don't want you to lie.  But, I also don't want the dog or you to suffer anymore.  Be honest with the Humane Society or Animal Control center.  Your Mom obviously needs help, & I know it's got to hurt you being it's your Mom, but I bet you can't even have friends over, you worry all day long at school about the dog, and more.  This isn't the life you deserve either!  Please listen to us on here, okay?  And, please continue letting us know what goes on and if you want to talk about things to us every day, that's fine.  You're so smart and responsible and mature for coming out for help.  You're going to be this dog's hero!!!
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I guess this never got answered. This makes me sad.  No person or animal should be treated this way.  Some people do view dogs as just animals and don't personify them.  That's not me as my pets become part of my family like another kid.  Some of what you write is 'fair-ish' as you put it.  Shock collars can be used as training devices such as not leaving the yard, etc.  Dogs learn in an interesting way.  If hey associate something with something else, they begin to think the something else will always happen with that thing.  So, if they step past their yard and get shocked . ..   they don't go past their yard because that means they will get shocked even if they don't have a collar on so they associate one with the other.  Go potty, get treat.  They go together because their owner always did that early on.  Bark, get shocked. Don't bark, don't get shocked. So, while maybe not the nicest way, but dogs can be trained this way and the shock collar is then a training tool.

But you describe someone who really probably should not own a dog.  She is extremely bothered by the dog if it isn't allowed to move!  And she doesn't exercise the dog.  And she is hitting and kicking the dog.  

But unfortunately, you also sound young as a teen.  You probably can't really take the dog or care for the dog on your own either.  So, you are in a rough spot.  Are your parents together?  Is there any other adult you can tell this to?  Know that it may result in the dog being given to a third party so it wouldn't be in your home any longer.  But for the sake of the dog, that might be best.  

Your mom sounds like she has a short fuse and shouldn't have gotten a dog.  How is she with you?  
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I couldn't agree with Mombo more.  You do sound young...and wouldn't be able to keep the dog in you home without your mother interfering.  The best alternative is to re-home this poor dog.  I cried through the second half of your post.  I can't imagine being in your shoes and witnessing this abuse.  I'm so sorry.  
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