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Is it still considered harmful?

I know that self harm is bad. But, sometimes self harm is the only way I am able to control my anger.
For example: While I was in a big argument with one of my siblings and it was finals and my family was going through poverty and homelessness I got so frustrated I couldn't keep my anger quelled. So, I cut myself just a little, to calm myself down. Is it still considered harmful if it is helping me?
I have been cutting for years but I only do it now if it is absolutely necessary. I've gotten better, and it helps me control my emotions a lot when they get out of control.
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This is part of an article that might help to shed some light.

"Normal people from all walks of life who were never taught to effectively cope with life’s stresses- and without the benefit of any type of role model demonstrating effective coping skills on a regular basis, the child or adult seeks an outlet to somehow reduce their tension."

"This is not an issue that is wholly psychological. There are physiological avenues to explore also. Scientists are looking into the role serotonin plays when it comes to self injurers. Imbalances of this chemical found in the brain have been linked to sufferers of depression and researchers are willing to bet they will find a link to self injurious behaviors as well. In addition, it is believed that those who self injure inadvertently hook themselves on endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers- what provides the ‘rush’ or release as they perform their painful acts- prompting them to repeat the behavior. "

"A mental health professional adept at dealing with negative outlet behaviors should be contacted as soon as possible. "

"Many new therapies are available to help self injurers- and their families- learn new coping skills. Therapists find that they work surprisingly well but say it is mostly because by the time the self injurer is provided with treatment they, and their families, are ready to heal-inside and out. "

Can you talk to a Guidance Counselor at school, about possible depression and coping tools that they can talk to you about, moving forward?

I'm sorry that you are dealing with so much insecurity as you are growing up. I was homeless for awhile, and know how hard that is. Please know that you can talk to me anytime.


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I understand what you're saying. Have you checked out any other ways to handle your anger issues,?
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Thank you SO MUCH for giving me the best answer designation. It really makes my day. You've brought my number up to 22, and to me, that's a big deal. :) You're a doll , and very sweet.

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I really appreciate the fact that you would rather self harm than to lose it and maybe make a bad situation worse. Parent's do that kind o f thing a lot, by putting their family first ahead of their own immediate needs. That is an exemplary trait in itself. Now hopefully we can talk and by doing so, help you to access the right information to help you right away with how you're feeling. I came from a hell of a background myself. and i got into self harm in a big way when i was very young. I'd HATE to think of you not getting help right away with this first action of yours to self harm. If you could deal with this now, then you'll be FAR MORE LESS LIKELY to have your self harm tendencies to morph into something even worse.

Are you there, can you talk to me (us),?
Can you tell me whether you are in school, and how you are doing in school?
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