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Sexually Assulted

First, I slept in an open space and woke up with sperm in me and pain in my hips so I knew something had happened to me overnight.
Meanwhile, it appeared I was having a nighmare struggling with a man asking him to stop.
I felt I was thinking things. Then I moved quickly to another apartment and couch crashed, then it happened again. Now i spoke up and the ladies laughed it off that I maybe loosing my mind. I went for hospital and it was confirmed.
Each time, I there was a sweet smell before I drop off to an uncontrollable sleep. I believe my flatemate have knowledge of what happened. Am angry and confused hoping I haven't been infected with something. Meanwhile, I have been stalked my phone bugged that I saw a message I didn't type on my hangout that I walk on train track.
What do I do to protect myself.
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Hi -

Can you move out? Stay with another friend? Your parents? Anyone?

If you can't, password protect your phone. Put a lock on your door. Get some STD testing done, too. Your first obligation is to yourself.

Could you be "losing your mind"? Maybe, but since there is a possibility that you aren't - you have confirmation that something happened (I'm not entirely sure what the hospital confirmed), make sure to protect yourself if you can't move out.

If you can move out, check with the police to see if they can provide an officer to be there when you move your stuff.

Best of luck to you.
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Thanks for the advice. I did move out, but unfortunately I was stalked to my new place, so I secured the door from behind before sleep, one of the days I got back and noticed my stuff were move out of the closet even though my door was locked, I called in the police and my flatmate became frightful (I was surprised) few days later she abandoned the lease and moved out. All effort to reach her is null. This meant that she could have known something.
I have since become more careful and hope the criminals will be caught in their excesses by the law.
How do I secured my phone from been tracked. I once was on "Hangout" chat about the incidents and someone actually typed a response my phone. Had to reformat the phone. Does this remove the tracker?
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I would think you could do some sort of scan on your phone to see what is attached to it?  Or heck, trade in the phone, get a clean one and start over.  You could reset your old one after saving what you want on it.  

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So you went to the hospital and it was confirmed that you had recently had sex?  Did they do a rape kit and screen for drugs when you said you had no memory of having sex?
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