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What do you think happened?

A while ago, an old family friend contacted me. Everything was all good until he told me he did something to me as a child. Every week, I receive hints from him, he's refusing to tell me what happened, because he fears that it'll ruin our relationship.

The hints I have received so far are:
-some people like to be used
-most do, since they're lonely
-i came and went
-stars were shining bright that day
-you saw darkness that day
-blood rush
-the difference between both worlds is fascinating
-the main organ was doing its thing, but very very fast
-the dark night turned bright as day
-it was hot
-and then he entered the dangerous dungeon but the beasts were not moving
-the two colorful mountains collided
-bats also known as baby vampires
-find or fail
-dry yet soft
-a shadowless shape stares at the beasts
-the shadowless beast cast a magic spell on one of the beasts
-8 words can make the hint easier, four of them can solve it

I don't remember a thing, but I figured out three things: I was at his house (I used to be best friends with his sister), it was night and one of our hearts was beating fast. He confirmed those things too, but nothing else.
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Spm and nursegirl have made very valid points... It seems to me that you don't believe you are worth more than this. It is so twisted that he thinks this is ok! Tell him to **** or get off the pot!
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Has it occurred to you that he may only be fantasizing about what he wanted to do to you?
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The fact is he's playing games with you now you should ask, "How is that friendship"? That sounds so dangerous and eerie. He isn't someone you would want around. I used to work with molesters and some of them was bizarre in their behavior. We had one come to group with a knife and look at it in such amazement. He molested his infant daughter. There were others who displayed bizarre behavior. One showed no remorse for his actions and said "now I'm just like my father". His father molested him. From what I read from your previous post, it sounds as though he's bragging about his actions. He doesn't seem to have any remorse for it based on the fact he's bringing it up to you in such a bizarre manner. It's like in a warped manner he is romanticizing it. I would suggest you stay from him. He needs to seek help.
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But it's not even clear if he sexually abused me in any way... I mean, he could just be playing games or something....

Thank you though!
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Because I don't.... I'm sorry, it's just there's so much going on in my life...
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Yeah, I've thought about him just playing games with me, but then comes the point where he once told me that he almost told me what happened while he was "sleep drunk" At the moment I'm just so frustrated about what to do and what not to do... I just don't know. Thank you for your suggestion though, I appreciate it!
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