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When I was young I experimented

When I was young I experimented , never really new what sex was and I don’t really think it had a sexual aspect in it for me we was just kids fooling around touching penises ect I was around 10 and they ranged from 7 to my age if not older not really sure any how I grew out of it and I just put it down to normal child behaviour, then when I was older ( teens ) I actually got sexually abused by a much older man and it scarred me for life , any how so many years later I’m over it and I have a family ect, but one of the boys I experimented with has messaged me asking him why I made him touch my penis from what I remember we both touched each other’s penis ect and he has said it’s affected him ect I feel ashamed with guilt iv actually beeen abused and to think iv made someone els feel like that is killing me all I thaught I was doing as a child was playing around we all did it am I in the wrong what do I do it’s ruining me
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Hey, go lightly on yourself.  You were just being a kid and going with the flow. That stuff does happen.  Is it great? No.  But it is life.  If you really are suffering emotionally from this, I strongly urge you to see a psychologist to wort it out.  This can be a game changer in terms of our emotions and working through things.  So, give that a try.
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Jaydon, everyone has a past and it's how we learn.  Hope this isn't causing you emotional distress and if it is, talk to someone.  But trust me, everyone has things they aren't proud of.  
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