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troble in school and home

Im 16 and for a long time in my life everyone in my environment have treated me like i am not human.I am quiet and don't really brother others and once in a while I talk to some of them in class.They tease me a lot telling me that Im a man some don't like me or jealous me I don't know what it is but for English class when I say my answers say something bad about me or tease me.And now my so called best friend is a back stabler she jealous me so she want nothing to do with me aloe I help her when she did not have.And its test time for me so I mistaken lost a girl calculator and now she want to beat me up and the people in the class think that Im weak so them can take advantage of me.The teachers could care less.I did not do anything to anyone so why this is happening to me.I don't want to cuse oh act something that Im not.At home my dad don't respect me .He never want to listen to me and when I try to speak he think that im rude.And even a work they think that im stupid,that im dump cause I dont cuse and the pay master dont want to pay me she always want to take advantage of me.I told the boss but he dont care.Sigh what to do.
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I think some maybe jealous of you,very often folks that cant make it themselves are envious of ones that can .With the bullying at school it would be good if your Dad spoke to them this should'nt be dealt with by you alone, is there any other relative can help? The school principal maybe the one to speak to .What to do is that you continue to respect your self ,you do not let any disrespect from others deter you, if anything you steer clear of those who would put you down, you mix and find new friends amongst like minded people .Are there any clubs , Sports, you can join outside school, you are 16 now it wont be too long and you will be an adult ,you will be able to move on with your life, keep going on a good education as that is the key to a successful life . you sound like a positive person, stay that way dont let the losers get to you .Good Luck
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Success is the best revenge.  It might be awful now, but soon you'll be 18 and ready to get away from all that.  A LOT of people really find themselves and come into their own when they go to college.  Community college was a lot of fun for me, I worked and went to two classes a term only, there were other motivated people who were pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps in the classes, not just a**h***s who felt trapped into being there and resented someone who did well.  The whole experience can really lift you up.  I'm sorry it's not there for you with your friends and family now, but it will change, and you don't have much longer to endure it.  Good luck, honey.  (((HUGS))) Annie
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hmm seems like you have been teased and humiliated so much that your beginning to lose your self esteem,but that is normal it can happened to anyone if they are told or treated like that repeatedly,but if you are a nice person like you seem you are and your respectful to others maybe it's not you maybe it's the people your around.seems the first step for you is to work on your self worth.learn to really love your self,make new friends like you and don't let others take advantage of you..ask your "self would you mistreat others"?.if the answer is no then don't allow others to mistreat you,and how your father acts towards you i can relate in a sense maybe he's acting in a way towards you base on how his parents acted towards him or how he was raised of he just don't get it and i would recommend you to read  "HOW TO HAVE CONFIDENCE AND POWER IN DEALING WITH PEOPLE" by Les Giblin.it's a nice book to start of with..be good
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