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what to do about son with high sex drive, aspergers, and ptsd?

my son is fifteen, began having extreme anxiety issues at twelve and went to live with his father. his father raped him several times and also abused him physically, and threatened him with worse often. I had no idea this was going on until a year anniversary of his stay with his dad. he texted me and told me he was scared then and i didn't know what to say. I went to pick him up, and he has been home with us for almost two years. recently i've noticed he masturbates very often. whenever I am home and his door is closed, I hear him. he has told me that he is feeling scared again, his flashbacks are worsening, and he feels urges to have sex with another boy his age. this boy is coming over tomorrow afternoon and i wonder if I should supervise them, or just let them have sex, as long as the other boy agrees. the problem is mainly that I worry if him having sex will make his flashbacks worse, or is it just him overcoming his fears ?
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Wow, this is a very complex situation. The best way to deal with a rapist as it pertains to your son is to have his father charged and incarcerated and labelled a sex offender - that will help your son with healing, closure and ptsd symptoms. You've mentioned that your son has been home two years and has Aspergers and PTSD, Do you have a formal diagnosis and treatment for this? As far as your son having a high sex drive, quite possibly linked to the rapes , i don't think that sex with another youth will help him , it' seems to me that the overdrive sexuality should be channeled into talk therapy and have a therapist tell you whether your son having sex at 15 would be good for him or not. If you could, please fill in some blanks about how and when you've dealt with the Aspergers and PTSD and rapist.
all are formerly diagnosed, i did have him speak with his therapist.. thank you so much for your advice. we haven't had any charges against my ex husband because there is no proof other than my son's word, sadly.  i appreciate the response !
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