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About acne treatment.

Hello. I am 19 years old and i have acne since i was 10 or 12. My acne filled me scars, pimples and red marks which are difficult to heal and hide. However, I managed to heal the part of pimples but the scars and marks are still an annoying problem for me. Is it the right time to have an acne treatment like laser scar removal? Anything I 've tried since now had no result on my scars and marks. Thank you!
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If you ask me, it's never right time. I had scars from acne too, and I decided to go through chemical pillings (light pill) After seven treatments my face look much better, I don't cover it any more.
Just you should know that these treatments as well as laser treatment wont heal your scars 100%, but they can make it much better. Also there is possibility of side affects, every skin reacts differently so you have to make a decision for your self.
Take enough vitamin C, drink a lot of water and make your you always get enough sleep.  
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I definitely feel your pain...it's so frustrating to finally get your acne to clear up but to still deal with the after effects!! Before doing something intense like a laser treatment you might want to try a copper peptide product. I just started using salderma copper peptide cream and my skin already seems to be noticeably smoother.
Good luck!!
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As an acne sufferer myself I genuinely sympathize with your plight, and I certainly understand that feeling where anything goes as long as you can rid yourself of the misery that comes with it..but, on the other hand, we really ought to be careful in choosing procedures that don't have too much compromise (such as thinning it and so forth) on your skin long-term..I'd really urge you to stick to more naturally means whenever possible..and there are plenty good ones that work wonders these days...!
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There are many ways to get rid of scars, some of them natural, some are using scar removal cream. It all depends on scar type and the scared area on the body. If you want to get rid from the scars naturally then you can try some natural major scar removal methods. Like,
1. Lemon Juice.
2. Essential Oils
3. Manuka Honey
4. Makeup (camouflage)
If you want to use scar removal cream then you can try invicible or skinmedica's vitamin c cream.
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