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Frustrated and Emberassed

So for the past few months I've had acne. Its all over my upper back, chest, breasts and under my breasts. I have extremely sensitive skin and I've tried everything and it doesn't let up! I'm frustrated because it's hard to feel good about myself when I'm emberassed!

What have you guys tried that have been the best considering acne treating medications or cleansers or anything! I'm desperate, I wanna be able to look down and not see a bunch of acne for once!
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My friend had really bad back and chest acne, for YEARS, and it wasn't until just recently they found out it was caused by a wheat allergy. I also had face acne, and birth control really helped! I eventually got moved to Accutane, which is some seriously heavy duty stuff, but has made a world a difference!
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You need to go to a dermatologist and ask for isotretinoin treatment. In the mean time. Start including raw carrots everyday in your diet, and avoid chocolate, rise and egg yolks.
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