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Generic Accutane Causing Severely Curly Hair?

my son began taking generic accutane at age 15yrs, 9mos.  within weeks of beginning treatment, his hair, which is naturally thick and only slightly wavy, turned *severely* curly - you'd swear he got a perm.  

i've read accounts of others online who say that their hair turned *slightly* curly after starting accutane, but to go from almost straight to *ringlets* do to it??  

or could it be a coincidence - maybe his hair was in the process of turning curly due to adolescence?

finally, if it is due to the accutane, once he stops treatment, will his hair go back to it's former state?

any info appreciated.
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Hello, I’m just wondering if your son’s hair turn how it was before accutane, I’m in treatment and I’d like that my hair stays curly
Thanks for you answer
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Accutane has many side effects the more common side effect is  patch loss of hair. once medication has stopped , most people regain hair loss and other side effects. i would consult with the doctor and tell him whas going on.

jus t to let you know my story, i was a life long sufferer, i am 33 years old now, very oily skin and very pale. I have tried everyting from over the counter to medication nothing has worked. i am 33  up until this january i was losing hope, i was about to try accutane. i didnt want accutance because of the side effects but these pimples/cysts were killing socially. I then did soome research. I have made a 100% turn around. this worked for me, i am acne free.  this is what i did before i  was about to take accutane.  i simply stopped drinking milk and went with almond milk. i stopped with soda and chips. i bought this semi expensive product called tanda its a blue light therapy. I dont now which one did it for me either the milk or the tanda but i beleive it is more milk than tanda. Milk has hormones and everytime i drank milk i would get these huge unsightly cysts. i am truly acne free. aother thing i recommend is getting a beard trimmer for your son. instead of shaving have him use a beard trimmer it will not be a baby fel shave but it will be close.  i would also recommend you try  tanda, its a blue light therapy that kills bacteria.

i also use ove the counter remedies.

crush 3-4 aspirins and add very little water let it dissolve and use it like a mask for about 15 minutes, after you finish use apple cider vinegar, this works wonders on the skin.  

PS- I am a male so i know what your son is going through. if you have any questions feel free to write back.
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