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i have like an acne pimle on my penis white stuff comes out of it ive popped it once it looked like it was going away...but it came back it , its bally ...maybe like a cicst but its popable....i dont know....
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you are right, they are cysts. (or that is what it sounds lke to me)  my boyfriend had the same problem on his .... sac...

these are probably caused from sweating

they are in the shape of balls... and white thick stuff comes out when you pop them... and they can feel hard

you could ask your doctor if he could remove it, BUT unless it gets infected or it continues growing drastically... very fast... then he probably won't do a thing about it.  

you might get lucky since it is in your specific area, that he may remove it.

but you might want to let him know that you have poped it before and it came back... they might just remove the whole lining... If the lining of the cyst is not fully removed, the cyst can recur.

A cyst not removed can turn into an abcess or boil, causing pain, scarring, and even spread of infection into the circulation.
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Do not pick or squeeze this lesion. Doing so will spread bacteria under the skin and could cause further spots, secondary infection, delayed healing time and scarring. You may wish to repost this in the dermatology forum as this condition is not acne. Don't be embarrased to see your doctor if it doesn't clear up, they see things like that everyday.
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