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How do I get rid of my cystic acne?

Just like the question mentioned above I believe you have an idea on what I'm dealing with. The thing is, that I'm a teenager(16) and although you might think that it is becauee of hormones and everything i kins of doubt it. I used to have clear porcelain skin. Then during first year of high school, during the final exams I began to break out. It all started with small pimples on my forehead which went away and then it proceeded with acne on my cheeks and jawline. The acne though is deep inside of my skin. Some pimples did hurt some pimples didn't. I also went to the dermatologist, and she gave me a specific antibiotic:  

Vibramycin 100 mg : which made me worse.

When I say worse I mean it with the whole meaning of the word. My acne wouldn't go away one bit.

3 months passed and I began getting a little better but that is because I literally had given up on doing something with my face. And then again, this year, I didn't break out but I still do have some cystic acne left which I tend to get rid of (I use argan oil and argan oil cream). But like I said, i still have some left and it seems like again nothing is working. Taking in consideration everything, I also have some discoloration which is purple and I know is from the scars. If anyone knows I would appreciate if you could tell me some home remedies or some creams to treat my scars and get rid of the remaining acne slightly faster. I have began getting insecure and depressive like in the beginning.

Thank you for your time and I hope someone could help me.
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