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Long-term effect of Benzoyl Peroxide

I am a 21 yr old Chinese female from Canada. I had been using Clindoxyl for 6 years, from when I was 14yrs old to 20 years old. I have a dry and oily skin complexion and have had acne all over my face since I was 12 years old. The Clindoxyl really helped clear the acne. However, I had to keep using it or I'd break out. I also wear makeup to cover the red and dark spots left behind by the acne. I was so caught up in getting rid of pimples that I didn't notice the gradual aging of my facial skin. Now I use Differin (Adapalene) gel 0.3 prescribed by my dermatologist and have been since Oct 2010. I broke out terribly and became depressed but now the acne is under control. I also started using another benzoyl peroxide product (Persa Gel by Clean & Clear) with Differin at night.

After all these years I was hoping that without pimples/zits on my face, I would be satisfied. But now, I realize my skin has become thin and wrinkly, it's dry, it's oily, it has red spots/dark spots...my face is a complete disaster. I do not look like a youthful 21 yr old unless I put on makeup. Before, makeup was able to cover everything up and I would look normal and youthful. But now, makeup cannot hide the wrinkles and overall skin texture. I feel so sad about this because I can't leave the house without putting makeup on. And even makeup is difficult to put on because my skin is wrinkly and dry, and after my oil comes out, it makes the makeup gross-looking.

My plan is to stop using benzoyl peroxide from today and just use Differin nightly. Another thing I noticed was that my dermatologist prescribed me 6 refills of it. I don't want to be using acne medication for that long. I've had acne for ten years now and I just wish it would stop so that my skin can heal.

Doctors and dermatologists out there, if you could please give me any advice on how to heal my oily/dry skin from acne and aging, I would appreciate it very much.
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