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PLEASE HELP endless groin rash is KILLING me

Im 17. Ive had this rash in my groin (over groin muscle, a bit on scrotum, just spread to base of penis) for 2 years. Its a little bit itchy and red with poorly defined borders. It gets redder when I work out or am in the heat. I've just hit rock bottom and i am freaking out. A little background: It seems to go in cycles of how bad it is. One day i came home from a workout and fell asleep for 2 hours without showering (2 years ago) and developed a bad case of what i thought was jock itch. This was cured after a few cycles of coming back. Since then, ive had general redness and itchiness in the area and it has just gotten really bad again. Ive been prescribed various types of steroids and creams. My first doctor was an idiot pediatrician who perscribed one that was too strong and left a ton of stretch marks and thinned the skin a bit. Since that mishap, ive been seeing a real dermatologist. The creams seem to work but then it comes back after stopping use and the cream doesnt work again after that (type after type). I had a biopsy done that revealed nothing significant. When the rash spread to the base of my penis a few months ago (after over a year and a half), i put 2 types of cream on for about a week (as derm said to). Now, im having TROUBLE GETTING AN ERECTION and the rash is getting worse. All this steroid use seems to take a toll on me. Im wondering if the ED is part of withdrawal from the topical steroid creams (maybe they increase testosterone and now my body isnt making as much), or if they have caused damage to the penis or surrounding muscles/ veins, arteries. PLEASE HELP i'm desperate and fed up. Did i mention im 17 and cant get an erection for the past few days? So sick of this all. Any recommendations?
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I may be able to confirm the exact treatment and management of your condition only after knowing your complete medical history and clinical examination. Sweating can make loss of excess oils to the skin surface. It is possible that excessive sweating can cause skin problems and probably you are suffering from a chronic fungal infection of the scrotal skin called Tinea Cruris. If you are overweight lose weight. Excess fat causes sweating and oilier skin. Oral therapy may be necessary if the skin infection is intractable. Repeated fungal infection can be an indication of an underlying disorder such as diabetes or any other condition which might be affecting your immune system Since your problem has been persisting so long your skin scrapings should be examined to clarify the diagnosis.A complete clinical examination and tests like urine examination, blood counts and fasting blood sugars may be helpful. Consult an experienced dermatologist. Treatment will be specific based on the cause. Keep me posted on how you are doing.
Best luck and regards!
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