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Relaxing Helps?

I have notice that when I feel relaxed, it helps me with my acne and it stops a bit... I'm relaxed..
When I'm estressful I touch my face a lot and my hair and get even more acne... I use treatment but is getting hard to take the acne out of my face.. Almost all of it is out but now I have marks of my past acnes all over my face.. can any of u guys give me any advises about taking the marks of my face they look like little red marks in my face.. My acne is almost out but the marks still there
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Hi, certain procedures are done for scar removal like dermabrasion, phototherapy including blue and red light, photodynamic therapy and laser treatment like laser resurfacing can be tried. I will advise you to seek help of a dermatologist who specializes in skin problems or a plastic surgeon, under whose guidance you could adopt the therapy that suits you the best. Regards.

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Thank you very much ☺️
Is this better since way back when?  :>))))))))))))
Couple of years back. I started using my account recently life been crazy
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relaxing works with acne but not the marks
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