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Severe body acne Help!!

Pretty self explanatory .. i have severe back and shoulder acne.. i have oily and sensitive skin.. It wasnt as bad when i was living on the beach with the salt water and in the sun but now im mostly indoors... its been really hard for me and i have had it sense as long as i can remember (14-to current 23).. honestly the acne is all over but the worst is my back and shoulders and middle chest.. i change my sheets weekly, clean clothes, shower regularly i use cloth and back scrubbers .. im lost and in my current situation i cant see a dermatologist .. is there over the counter meds, types of soaps, detergent. ..  i need all odds.. i tried the proactive and another one, didnt work.. my face isnt bad at all just minor zit here and there once in awhile... oh and my back sometimes i get this big white elevated zit size of a quarter or smaller.. but its not like out of the skin its deep so to speak.. and when i push it, it just keeps coming and coming... and sometimes a long hair pops out...then i have the general red with the white head zits, and then the small red ones that u can do nothin with.... if this makes sense or doesnt.. im sorry just trying to explain it the easiest way ... .. i appreciate the help..
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