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acne removal

what is adult acne?  I had never had acne in my life until a few weeks ago, I think it was related to a serious tooth infection which I had removed (three teeth and inflamed gums), I think the acne may have been from the infected teeth.  Dose anyone know? What is a good home remedy that works and should I be squeezing them or will that leave scarring (they are red bumps with tiny whit dots)?

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It used to be called Acne Rosacea.  Now most dermatologists refer to any manifestation of adult acne as Rosacea.

It is treatable.  Can't say if your tooth infection was a trigger.  Doubtful.

Please don't squeeze.  It could leave scars.  See a dermatologist.
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It is unlikely that a dental infection would cause acne, although antibiotics prescribed for dental infections could cause an allergic rash on the skin?
Adult acne occurs when the patient has high levels of androgens or a particular sensitivity to the effects of androgens. Androgens stimulate the sebaceous (oil) glands in the skin. Bacteria on the skin feeds off this excess oil (sebum) blocking the pores and resulting in spots.
There is a lack of medical evidence that home remedies are effective for acne. See your doctor for a topical retinoid such as Differin. If you cannot access prescription medicine buy an over the counter remedy containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide (Clearasil, Clean & Clear etc).
Do not squeeze spots. This spreads bacteria under the skin and can lead to more spots, delayed healing time, secondary infection and scarring.
Best Wishes, Eloise.
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I highly suggest you don't over exaggerate the problem. It's unlikely you need any topical medications, unless the acne is itchy, or is persistent for longer than one month. It is possible it is hives or an allergic reaction to either medication or something unkown. it is important to understand that Rosacea is not acne, nor is it acne like. Rosacea is a completely different skin condition. There is no such thing as adult acne, versus acne present at any other age. acne is a skin condition in which a person of any age has persistent pimples, weather cystic or not. Pimples "white heads, "blackheads" are the result of the body expelling acne bacteria from the pores. The bacteria can be spread by fingers and exaggerated by sweat, and oil gland over production, and clogging of the pores by dirt, dead skin and makeup and can be expelled quicker by sudden increased exposure to humidity, and uv rays.wear loose clothes, shower often, rinse with cool water, and use a gentle scrub every other day to three days. Seek medical attention only if it is itchy, burning, painful, etc. If you really want to spend money you can have a cosmetologist or esthetician extract the white heads.
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I think your theory is worth looking into. Only because I have the same problem. You should google tooth infections, acne. I was very surprised by how many people said they believe their acne is related to a bad tooth infection.
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In same agreement with evo_lee.  Happened to me too.  I think it's funny people are so certain it's not related.  How do they know?  Thare are still so many medical mysteries out there.  How can this one not be one of them?
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