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fungus & body acne

can yeast or other types of fungus cause body acne? i have acne on the outer sides of my back running from my shoulders all the way down my back (not as much down the center). i also have it on the front side of my shoulders running down the outside of my arms down to my elbow. and on the upper part of the front of my neck. I dont have nearly as much acne on the top center of my back. the acne on my face seems to directly correlate to my stress lever it has cleared up dramatically now that i am not in school for the summer, however my back has remained the same. i have a sister that had fungus related acne on her forehead a while back and my mother said that the acne on my back had the same "rash like" pattern. my acne seems to be very small pimples but they are somewhat red and inflamed. could this be yeast or another type of fungus? and if so how can i eliminate the fungus?
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It would be unusual to have acne down your arms. This may be another skin condition such as Keratotis Pilaris Rubra (look up pictures of this condition to see if it looks like what you have).
I have recommended acne treatments via private message as you requested.
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i looked up karatosis pilaris and it looks like what i have and the locations are consistent. i also ahve it on the outside of my upper thighs.

it looks like this on the front of my right shoulder:  http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/61/Keratosis_pilaris_arm.jpg/502px-Keratosis_pilaris_arm.jpg

and it looks like a combination of the previous picture and this one down the outside and upper back side of both my arms down to my elbow: http://girlalooshey.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/keratosis-pilaris.jpg

thankyou for helping me discover that it wasnt just acne. what do you suggest for treatment?
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