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severe acne with black marks

I suffered from occasional face acne, and severe back,legs,buttocks,arms and scalp acne in which they often leave black marks when they are gone.my face is also reddish and have certain bumps after sun exposure.i noticed that most of my blackheads spot are also my hair spot.what are my conditions and how can i treat them ?i also have oily skin
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I have suffered from rosacea on my nose and cheeks for over 20 years and this condition has been completely cleared by a supermarket skin care product. I have found that the Garnier 'Stop' cleanser and day and night creams (in orange packaging here in Australia) cleared my rosacea after only using them for a couple of days and my skin now looks the clearest and best it has ever looked in my life. Not bad for a woman going on 60! I am so pleased.

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Oral oxytetracycline (an antibiotic) can be prescribed by your doctor to treat both acne and rosacea. Another good prescription product is topical Differin. If you are female taking an anti-androgen contraceptive pill like Dianette (Diane35 in the USA) can help.
Eucerin make a Redness Relief cleanser and moisturiser which is widely available instores and online. They also make a cleanser for impure skin which is compatible with acne medication.
Loiloi xx
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