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I have been doing a lot of research on opiate addiction whether pills or Heroin for the past three years. I have lost five friends including family members by them overdosing on heroin or pills. One of my cousins did a lethal dose and mixed benzo's with black tar heroin and never woke up. She was 26 years old, married with 4 beautiful little girls and got addicted to opiates after a back injury. Then moved to heroin after she ran off and left her family she found a new friend heroin! We tried to help her time and time again. I knew then that the drug had taken over her life completely. As a detective most people hate us because we put people in jail for selling pills and heroin. The majority of our drugs (heroin) come straight from Mexico. I am sick of people dying. I got into law enforcement to help people and I am at a loss. Every night I lie in bed and just think about what I can do to help our community: I am so sick of all of these young people ruining their lives. I know that this may be inappropriate but I really would like some feedback on what we can do as a community to help those families and users to stop. I know the addiction is hard I've seen it personally. I'd rather help someone find ways to kick the addiction and get their life back than focus on putting them in jail. Are there any suggestions from anyone? I have prayed and searched for answers til my mind is just overwhelmed and tired: I have shed many tears over this problem that is affecting our society, our families and our children everyday. Any comments would be appreciated more than you know: I'm just a real cop that actually cares and want to see people beat this addiction and find their life again. Thanks and God bless you all.
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