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A problem with alcohol

I have drank pretty steady like almost daily for the past 14 yrs. I kicked a drug addiction at this time and soon after I picked up alcohol socially. I look back over these yrs and I have had one O.W.I., injuries, fights with my ex husband resulting in divorce, adultry and missed work. Each time I would have a problem I would put my life in check and get it back under control. I recently was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and put on meds, I decided to quit for awhile bc b4 that I had started drinking not only daily but over my lunch too bc the stress was too high and it helped with it. My current bf and I are having issues with my drinking too and so I decided to quit and joined the program, on Sunday I had a slip and have been drinking everyday since. Last week seemed easy when I quit and I was so happy, why can I just stop! Is something wrong with me? I dont even drink to get drunk anymore.
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Hello & welcome. You need support to help sustain your recovery. No man is an island. You need those around you who will hold you up. Hold you accountable.
What program did you join?
Going to therapy, church, support groups, (AA, celebrate recovery) is essential to maintain sobriety.
When you stopped pills did you stay clean for awhile before you started drinkung?
Being in active addiction you just switched drugs.

There is healing. There is freedom from the bondage of drugs.
How are you doing today?
There is hope.
Keep the faith.

I quit everything for quite awhile, I would say almost a yr ( I know it doesnt sound like much, it could have been a yr) but once I felt like I didnt need to use drugs anymore I just wanted to be normal and drink with friends bc I felt thats what normal people did. I did just switch one addiction for another, you are very right and it took me all these years to realize this. I'm doing ok today but have not quit drinking just cut down and I hate myself. I joined AA but since I havent stopped completely I havent gone to another meeting and I dont want to tell my friend I'm still drinking. I feel like such a liar and not myself.
One year sober was great. You can do that again. Addicts can't use drugs or alcohol casually, that's the difference.
It is highly suggested to use no mind altering substances.
Are you still taking the anxiety medication?
It won't work correctly if you are drinking with it. Did you tell the prescribing doctor that you drink?
You should be attending meetings just about daily.
You wouldn't be the first person to slip up after you started AA.
Do you exercise, hike, pray,mediate,go to church? Anything to help with your anxiety and to help stay away from drinking.
Sending support, encouragement and hope.

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Hi JonnaD.  I feel for you.  I'm so glad you came here and reached out. That's hard to do.  You can feel very isolated when dealing with a problem and I want you to know you are not.  This forum is anonymous and people want to support you and help any way they can.  Even if just to listen to how you are feeling.  We can't always fix the situation but we can offer suggestions and listen.  Just be here for you when you might feel alone or afraid to talk about it elsewhere.

Come back and tell us how you are doing.  I wish you the very best.  hugs
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