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Can I take Clonazepam for Alcoholic PAWS?

I have been sober for 4 months now and have a variety of symptoms. I'm guessing it's paws because I have been to the doctor for blood tests, ct scan, and an MRI. Everything came back normal. My main symptoms are anxiety, dizziness, lightheaded, and brain fog. My doc gave me clonazepam for the anxiety and dizziness but I'm really hesitant on taking it because I'm not sure if it will set me back in my sobriety. I hate to have to begin at day 1 all over. So my question is would clonazepam cancel out any progress I have made if I take it?
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Your Dr made a mistake. Pam drugs are Contraindicated for prescription or use by an Alcoholic. It's very easy to become addicted to the Drug without stopping the alcohol. Then you have 2 addictions that are both very hard to Wean off of. Clonazepam is an Epilepsy drug. Don't take it. Taking those Clonazepam and then possibly slipping, and drinking? You could end up in a very bad Seizure. You can check this answer. Don't take the Clonazepam.
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Well, you should definitely talk to your doc about your concerns regarding addiction to this new med - it is, of course, addictive.  It sounds like the standard course of treatment is about 2 weeks: https://www.recoveryfirst.org/detox/clonazepam-withdrawal/

Is that what your doc has in mind, or is he using it for longer-term maintenance?
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My doc gave me the prescription for the anxiety for an as needed basis. I found out though that clonazepam works on the same brain receptors as alcohol and if taken it could cancel out any progress my brain has made in leading to cope with alcohol.
Yeah, it's definitely a risk - taking an addictive substance to control the symptoms of an addiction you've managed to kick seems a bit iffy.  Only you can determine whether the benefits outweigh the risks for yourself.   Since I'm not a doctor, it wouldn't be appropriate for me to tell you to go against your doctor's advice, but I would certainly voice my concerns if I were you - especially if you don't find that your symptoms are debilitating.
Thanks CurfewX, I appreciate the advice. I'm going to try to fight through this without any meds and see how it goes.
Best wishes, and hope the PAWS symptoms subside soon.  Also, I forgot to offer my congratulations on your sobriety!  Please do stop back in and let us know how you're doing.
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Hey CHlkid88.  I was wondering how you are doing. Anxiety is a B.  Been there.  How are you handling it?  Did you ever end up taking the clonizapam? What about a more long acting medication that works on anxiety like an SSRI?  Well, just checking on you to see how you are doing.  Let me know.
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