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Day 4 . . . .

I realized last week, that I have been taking an exuberant amount of Norco's for the past 4 years.  
I had surgery (fusion neck) TWICE this year . . . long story there, but the moral of that story.  is now, I'm pain free.
but I love my norcos'
but I miss my life more.
sooooo - I'm 4 days clean.  well, sorta.  haven't taken a Norco.  Did take a couple tramadols day one and two, but those are gone now but, it did help.  Shovel the muscle relaxers down at night time so I can sleep.  
Imodium AD is my buddy.
I'm doing this
I'm ready to be a healther me.  I just have to remind myself of that . . .because, just now.  I was looking to Dr. shop. . . but came here instead.    **deep breathe**
i'm doing this, because I want to be a healthier me.  
I'm doing this, because I want to be a healthier me.
I'm doing this, because I can.
I can do this . . ..right?
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Hello and welcome. Congrats on four days clean from norco.
Glad the tramadol is gone, they just delayed the withdrawal symptoms.

Which muscle relaxers are you taking? They are also addictive.
It would best to try natural things to promote sleep.
Hot epsom salt baths. Valerian root, melatonin, alteril, sleepy time tea.
Exercise will help to repopulate your natural brain chemistry.
Time will be your healer.
Be patient with the process.
Keep the faith.

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not at home - so not sure the name of the relaxers.  Didn't know those could be addictive also.  Thank you so much for the advice and the reply.  day 5..  8)
Did join a gym last night . . . exercise sounds better then being stoned out. body in motion and all . .  .I've gained 20 pounds since May 'cuz of the surgeries.  I'm 42, i'm getting to old for this ****. LOL  time is NOW or never.
keepin' the faith.
I got this.
Thanks again.  
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