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Hallucinating withdrawing from methadone

My husband is on day 7 of a cold turkey detox. He is having visual hallucinations. So much that he called the cops thinking there was an intruder. He went from 90 to 33 in 2.5 weeks. We were moving out of state and the closest clinic is 2 hours away. He has been taking hydroxyzine pam for the tremors. He took amitriptyline and the hallucinations started. IT is going on 24 hours with no sleep for 2 to 3 days. I need help. Should I call an ambulance
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For peace of mind I'd ring your local clinic up and ask for a home visit.
I've done cold turkey it's not nice at all you need loved once around you but he might say things that are not nice as that's the drug trying to keep a hold on him. Good luck I hope you concur the shite
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