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LFT result concerns; could tramadol be the problem?

Hello, I am supposed to get a cosmetic surgery (DFI Hair transplant) done and as a routine they follow before the procedure, I was asked to get some Blood Tests done. With the report I noticed that my SGOT (74), SGPT (110), and GGT (334) levels are high. Rest of the report results look perfectly fine, and I do not feel any symptoms or health problems at all. No nausea, pains, weakness, fatgue or any stuff like that. I do consume alcohol, but the frequency has been low I'd think (had it on 2 days of the past weekend, and before that, it must have been like 20-22 days before it). Food intake is also nothing too loud on fried food, junk or food from outside, just mostly home-made with very moderate oils, etc. Just wondering whether I should be too concerned with the readings. Could Tramadol Spaasmo Proxyvon consumption (8-10 capsuls a Day) be causing this? If yes, what precautions, etc. should I follow??... esply.. I dont want to see a doctor personally.
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Yes I do believe that tramadol affects the liver
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