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Methadone withdrawal

I've been on opiates for 9 years. I took OxyContin and percocets. I was taking 30-35 pills a day. Obviously abusing them. I got tired of being sick all the time so I quit and to help I started methadone. I was up to 110 mgs for a year and a half. I dropped my dose to 75 mgs in 6 months. I got tired of being on opiates and decided 2weeks ago to quit. I got my take home and dosed myself down from 75 mgs to 5 in 2 weeks. I thought it would be easier on the withdrawal effects. I took my last dose Sunday of 5 mgs and I am feeling like ****. How long am I going to feel like this. I can't sleep and when I do I wake up every hour going to the bathroom, you know what I mean. Every part of my body hurts so bad. I'm tempted to go back on the methadone. What should I do and how long is this going to last? Help
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Wow you tapered fast. Congratulations on two weeks clean. Your giving me inspiration as I am on day 1.  Everyone is different I myself jumped at 2.5 and took many weeks at that level.  I have read many successful cold turkey stories on addiction substance abuse which is on this website just a different community.  
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hey methadone is rough it has a very long lifespan.it gets deep in ya bones im tapering off right. was taking 80 mg a day. i backed off 5 mg a week for 4 weeks now so im still at 60 mg. but i can feel the withdraws creeking in the shadows.go slow and be careful.fast with methedone will never work goodluck.let post and stay in touch and see how it goes .support is the key i know that.

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