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Normal life after opiates

I'm currently on suboxone and have been since September 10, 2012.  I started at 24 mg per day and am down to 8 mg. I don't take it every day anymore...just usually 2 or 3 times a week. I'm really happy to have been clean for this long!! But...I'm not my "normal" self!! I used to be the funny/fun girl. Always quick with a laugh or silly remark. Now, I feel like I don't even know who I am!! I feel uptight!! I don't know howto let my hair down and have fun anymore!! I thought that once I got clean I'd be happier and more carefree. I have no energy.  No desire to even leave my house!! When will the normal me come back???
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I'm no expert by any means but are you taking vitamins? They seemed to help me a lot. I'm 20 something days sober after 6 years of opiates everyday 50-100mg plus everything else extra I could get on top of it. But if it helps, I got a vitamin drink from GNC along with l-taurisine, gaba-750, and b-6(don't think the b-6 is necessary now). I felt a ton better after about day 5 or 6 opiate free and started those vitamins. Just be sure and take the gaba at night and NOT during the day. I learned the hard way lol. Good luck n stick with it!
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i am not on sub's but have the exact same issues as you are having.  i have always been somewhat of an introvert, shy anyway, but i am 10 times worse now.  i sure hope it goes away
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Thanks so much for the vitamin information!! I'm definitely going to give it a try!! I'm going to GNC today!! At this point I'm willing to try just about anything!! I hate even complaining because I'm so much better than I was before! I just want to be my normal self again!!

Thanks, again and I'll keep you posted!!
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I'm going to try the vitamin route!! It definitely can't hurt!! I've never been shy nor introverted, but since I've been off all the opiates and benzos I took for so long I'm just not myself! I feel like a hermit and I could sleep 24/7. I really hate feeling like this all the time!!

I'll post more after I give the vitamins a shot. Maybe it's something you could try as well.

You'll be in my thoughts! I hope you get better soon!!
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Have you ever tried going to a good detox facility to come off of everything?
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I haven't tried a detox facility. I'm trying to manage without going that route. I think I could probably do without the subs now, but that thought scares me! I only take 8mg a few times a week.  I'm proud of that because I started at 24mg a day. But, I'm afraid if I come off the subs I'll find a new doctor and get right back and full on into my addiction!

I have a 12 year old daughter and a husband so leaving and going into treatment would be extremely difficult!!
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you will only find the "real you" when you are completely opiate free. Even .1mg of subutex has serious effects on your personality and mood. You have done so so well by reducing down from 24mg - but you are still "feeding" your addiction even on your reduced dose. You have to get your synapse firing again without any drug induced stimulation, and also to get your natural dopamine going again. My advice would be to give yourself a huge pat on the back for getting where you are now - but to make the firm decision to become completely opiate free as soon as you can. Exercise and a healthy diet are the most important things to help your recovery....i thought i had "lost" myself after my addiction, but it was not until i had been completely clean of subs for a week that i felt like my old self again.....and just imagine what it will do for your confidence and feeling f empowerment if you can get completely clean....you will have done what others only dream of...and you will feel so so strong....good luck and may peace be with you...you have come so far...now just a little bit more and you will be ready to start living again!
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U will get  there!!! I  am doing cold  Turkey  from 16mgs  and  this is  my 6th  day!!!!  I feel  like  I want to  jump from  a bridge but  i am thinking  about my Family!!i have  12 YO and  @ year old :):) MY little  angel !!
This  forum help  i know it .
Stay strong !!!u will be  free one day At list  this  is  what  is in my  head  now. I have  a  long journey but  i need  to  do it!!
God  be  with you!!!!
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I too went cold turkey from Suboxone 9 weeks, 2 days ago....  had some very bad days...  allot off crappy days...  Felt like I was never going to feel any better...  BUT yesterday and today I feel just about human...  I feel it will all be worth it and the worst is finally over....  It certainly takes a long time...  still very bad stomach..  but again just about human...  And I have read other stories on this forum after 3 - 6 months you will feel great  (I am counting on it).  I too owe it to my family and myself as you...  hang in there...  the bad days will pass...  I found that music helped me allot..  and moving / dancing to get the blood flowing helped lift my spirits....  Good Luck and God Bless...  I know you can do it....  Keep the end game in mind...  Your angel....  And how much betteer you will feel and live!!!!!
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Ricco, are you saying you jumped off of 16 mg of suboxone down to nothing? If this is the case I am amazed. I know friends who have done a slow taper without WD's. 16 mg to zero has to be hell on wheels. Anyway good luck.
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You posted this awhile ago is there an update have u gotten happy again without drugs. I'm wondering if I'll ever be happy again
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Good morning. One of my family members has been addicted to opioids for a few years but with the necessary help of medical professionals and family support he recovered from it. You cannot give up and remember that there are people that went through this just like you can do it and  they lead normal and happy life. Apart from our help he got a lot of support from one hotline  Stay strong! :)
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