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Percocet withrawal

Third day without perocet after my relaps.... I was doing fine for more than 3 weeks and relapsed. I am so mad at myself for doing this to myself again... my entire body is aching.... Need words of encouragement.
Honestly, i am too depressed and have such a lack of energy if i wouldn't have kids i would stay in bed all day long.
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I'm In the same boat as you the withdrawal ***** and is horrible. But talkin with other people with the same problem def helps to feel it not alone I been goin on binges here and there but tryin to cut out everything for good cuz its really not worth it on your body and pocket it's too expensive I'm not gonna lie tho if sumone put a perc 10 in front of my face I'm gonna eat it u just can't be around them cuz ur always gonna be thinking about takin one
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try posting in the other forum..it is a bit more active

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