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This is day 1 for me, I need help thats all i ask

If anyone has time to just chat with lengthy clean time, please reach out. To me this is do or die, I can't relapse again, I can't keep lying to my family, I CANT LIVE THIS WAY any longer. Thank you listening to my plea
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hey welcome to the forum I have been clean from alcohol ,heroin, benzos,cocain for 19 years I have 900days clean on opiates. vickes and perks. I stayed clean from everything for 15 + years until I got re introduced to opiates. I know a lot about drug and alcohol addiction.And i am convinced life is so muth beter without. Good luck I will say a prayer for you. ED
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Hello.  I see you posted on the 19th.   I pray you have had the support you need.  I just found this site and joined today.   You said you can't keep lying to your family.   Do they now of your history of drug abuse?  
PS I am the Mom of an addict.
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